High Speed Boat Operations (HSBO) 2021 Recap

Setup of HSBO

This biennially event, HSBO, offers a mixture of theory and practice, with world-class presentations, social networking events and boat trials of up to 35 of the best boats built, at full speed at sea, as well as literate discussions relating to all aspects of boat operations.

Sharing of practical experiences and demonstrations of various new equipment and routines are key elements of HSBO Forum.

Delegates include leaders of many professional agencies operating high-speed boats around the world, procurement & acquisitions officials, boat operators, naval architects, engineers, scientists, and boat builders.

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Le Raz, Tévennec Impressive Advanced Sea Training

Advanced Sea Training in France.

Perfecting rough sea training in the Raz de Sein (Brittany, France). Select full screen, turn up the volume and immerse yourself in this exciting video! Also check out this one!

He’s a young owner of a Ribcraft 640 with a 175 hp wanting to improve his driving and better control this very technical boat.

Proud to share that Ribcraft UK is a Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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Belgian Pneumaticlub Impressive Round Channel RIB Cruise 2017

A fascinating channel trip by the Belgian Pneumaticlub. Check out Gilles’ big smile at 01:46.

The club organizes many raids every year as you can see in these videos.

At 08:38 you get a unique view of the Mont-Saint-Michel, a famous touristic French attraction.

Check out the route they took.

Belgian Pneumaticlub Round Channel Islands RIB Cruise 2017
Belgian Pneumaticlub Round Channel Islands RIB Cruise 2017
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Impressive RIB Improvement Course for Rough Seas

Richard, traveled to Saint Alban de Roche (F) to familiarize himself with wave crossing techniques on February 1, 2020 in the Raz de Sein (Brittany).

He has held a boating license since 1992 and he has an RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). He therefore has a certain mastery of the boat, of the management of the trim.

He questioned himself to do this improvement training in rough seas in order to feel more at ease in the analysis, the know how on decision-making as skipper.

FYI, it’s a Ribcraft 5.85 motorized with an Evinrude 150 HO in 2 strokes.

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