Captivating Showreel 2023 from Highfield Boats

An Inspiring Showreel 2023

Established in 2011, the brand blends Australian design with French/Chinese ownership.

Within a year, Highfield expanded its footprint to 11 countries.

In 2023, it collaborated with ePropulsion to unveil a new electric tender range.

Sustainability is intrinsic to Highfield, with all hulls and structures crafted from infinitely recyclable aluminum, embodying the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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There are much more videos of many models of Highfield RIBs for you to enjoy!

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Highfield Boats 2023 Showreel lineup @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Showreel 2023 line-up

GALAXY Professional RIBs Presentation Video

Galaxy RIBs are Produced by GALA

These series of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are renowned for its innovative design, combining performance and durability.

These boats feature a deep V-shaped fiberglass hull for stability and smooth navigation.

GALAXY RIBs are crafted with precision, offering a versatile and reliable option for boating enthusiasts seeking quality and cutting-edge technology on the water.

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Highfield Sport 800 Walkthrough

The 2024 Sport 800 Amazes Again

The Sport 800, designed by Highfield, offers a sophisticated and versatile experience on the water.

Its adaptive seating configuration ensures comfort and ample space for family activities, complemented by a robust T-top for shelter and an extended sunshade.

Equipped with a windlass for easy anchoring, the SP800 features a fridge and swim platforms for convenient picnicking and swimming. It also provides a secure ride with a 26-degree deadrise hull and ergonomic console.

The large fuel tank supports extended exploration, while LED lighting adds a touch of luxury.

In sum, the Sport 800 combines leisure and practicality for a comprehensive on-water experience.

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NEW HONDA BF350 Outboard Engine Review

The All New HONDA BF350

This outboard engine, designed specifically for boats, boasts numerous features and technologies, including efficient fuel consumption.

The boat, Flyer F36, stands out for its meticulous design, ergonomics, and functionality.

It offers spacious lounging areas, a well-designed deckhouse, and ample storage.

NEW HONDA BF350 Engine Review @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
NEW HONDA BF350 Engine Review

Both the outboard engine and the Rigid Inflatable Boat received the Design Innovation Award at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show.

The combination of these innovative engine and the well-crafted boat earned them their awards.

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Specs of the Engine and RIB


Highfield Supports Barcolana 55 Sailing Event

What is Barcolana 55

Over the recent weekend, Highfield Boats Adriatic contributed a fleet of 20 support RIBs to the Barcolana 55 event in Trieste, Italy.

The Barcolana event stands as the grandest regatta globally, serving as an outstanding platform to present various aspects of the sailing universe.

This encompasses the Barcolana Young, a two-day gathering specifically tailored for the Optimist class, and the Barcolana Classic, a regatta designated for vintage, classic, and spirit-of-tradition vessels.

Additionally, the festivities extend to include Barcolana Nuota, Barcolana Fun, and Barcolana By Night, all of which deliver a mesmerizing spectacle right along the shoreline.

Highfield Boats also provided support to other prestigious sailing events, as you can see here and here.

Highfield and Barcolana 55 shot 1 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
Highfield at the Barcolana 55 regatta
Highfield and Barcolana 55 shot 2 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
The Highfield fleet

This video was published on the Highfield Boats YouTube channel.

Proud to share that Highfield is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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