Black Diamond’s New OCM RIB Police Enforcement

Black Diamond Police Patrol 6.5 m RIB

The video showcases the all-black well-equipped high-speed patrol RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) by the Black Diamond Police Department as it safeguards the waters of Washington state.

With its aluminium 6.5 meter length it really looks bigger. The outboard engine guard and the massive T-top certainly contribute to it.

Black Diamond's OCM RIB- Police Enforcement @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Black Diamond’s RIB massive engine guard

The Ullman® BISCAYA® shock mitigated Jockey-style Straddle-Seats add up to the professional lay-out.

All boats come with European CE approval, NMMA and ABYC. They also have approvals from different maritime authorities including USCG Sub-Chapter T, and SOLAS.

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Their factory and corporate Headquarters are located in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Ocean Craft Marine is a privately held company.

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RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO Search and Rescue Respects

A Search and Rescue RIBCRAFT

The RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO Search & Rescue is a versatile and reliable Rigid Inflatable Boat designed for demanding search and rescue operations.

With its 8.5-meter length, deep-V hull, and integrated electronics, it is well-known for its manoeuvrability and stability in rough seas.

The spacious deck, multiple seating options, and self-bailing system ensure a comfortable working environment.

The RIB is designed to accommodate multiple crew members and rescue personnel.

It has a large open deck space that can be customized with various seating configurations and equipment mounts.

This RIBCRAFT also incorporates a self-bailing deck system, ensuring rapid water drainage and maintaining a dry working environment.

RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO Search and Rescue HIAL @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIBCRAFT 8.5 m PRO in action

Powered by two high-performance Suzuki outboard engines, it enables rapid response and extended range.

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Very Informative Highfield Patrol 600 Review

Highfield Patrol 600 Review Extensive

The Highfield Patrol 600 is a professional-grade rib that is both rugged and versatile.

The Patrolseries features a range of boats, and the smallest model 600 offers a super deep V 26degree offshore hull designed to tackle even the toughest conditions.

The boat’s lightweight design means it doesn’t need a lot of horsepower and can travel long distances with comfort.

With lots of convenient features, the Patrol 600 Highfield Rigid Inflatable Boat has much in store.

It has a dedicated anchor locker, storage under the bow seat and deeply padded seats with flip-up benches for added comfort.

Very Informative Highfield Patrol 600 Review shot @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Very Informative Highfield Patrol 600 Review

The RIB has a big console that provides maximum wind protection and plenty of room for electronics.

Despite being certified for commercial use, the Patrol 600 is an excellent size for recreational use and has plenty of capability and performance.

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The Gemini WR880 Impressive Setup for Pros

Gemini WR880 Impressive Setup Roundup

For many decades Gemini Marine is building tough Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs).

The WR880 is without any doubt the most popular one. and since 1984 they are the sole provider to the South-African NSRI institute, the search and rescue market.

Berthon configured this military grade Gemini WaveRider model (follow this link on to enjoy more Gemini RIBs).

Its commercial grade deep V offshore hull is designed to handle even the roughest seas.

Plus, its Orca carbon impression 1670 DTEX hypalon collar with Leafield pressure release valves ensures that the boat can withstand big hits and keep going.

Inside this Gemini WR880 impressive setup, you’ll find a range of important features.

The 8100XL stealth console comes with a heavy duty deflection screen, Vetus hatch, and grab rails.

You can also customise the boat’s navigation and communications options to suit your needs.

But the most impressive feature of the Gemini 8.8 m is its seating.

Gemini WR880 Impressive Ullman seating @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Gemini WR880 Impressive setup with the Ullman Seating

It is equipped with Ullman shock mitigation seating, including the Ullman Echelon helm and co-pilot seats and six Ullman Biscaya jockey seats with carbon grab handles.

This means you’ll stay comfortable and focused even when riding through rough waves.

The Cox Powertrain CXO300 hp diesel outboard has been mounted here. I know there are mixed opinions about this outboard.

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Impressive Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout

Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout Look

The big RIBCRAFT PRO Open is a type of rigid inflatable boat (RIB) manufactured by RIBCRAFT, a leading manufacturer of professional grade RIBs for commercial, government, and recreational use.

This British built Rigid Inflatable Boat is designed for professional and commercial applications, such as patrol and enforcement, search and rescue, and other maritime operations.

The “Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout” refers to the boat’s deck layout, which is open and flexible, allowing for various configurations based on the specific needs of the operator.

Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open layout @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Big RIBCRAFT PRO Open Layout Shot

The RIB has a length of 12.5 meters (41 feet) and a beam (width) of 3.8 meters (12.5 feet), providing ample space for equipment, crew, and passengers.

The crew has professional Ullman Dynamic seats, global market leader in mitigation seats.

It features also a deep V-hull design, providing the needed seakeeping capabilities, stability, and performance even in rough conditions.

The boat is powered by twin outboard engines, here powerful Suzukis 325 are being used.

The RIBCRAFT 12.5 PRO Open can be customised with various optional features and equipment, including navigation and communication systems, seating arrangements, storage options, towing bollards, and other accessories, depending on the intended use and requirements of the operator.

Overall, the RIBCRAFT 12.5 PRO Open is a versatile and rugged RIB designed for professional use, offering a flexible deck layout and high-performance capabilities for a wide range of maritime applications.

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