Shearwater R70 “New” Model by Bembridge Marine

The Shearwater R70 is Fairly New

Let me explain wat I mean by “fairly new”.

After 7 years a RIB video of the new model was published. Shearwater RIBs are a family of designs with clean contemporary styling.

There are no official specs yet except that it’s 7.4 meters. On the Bembridge Marine Meta group I read:

A year from concept, today was the first test of our new model Shearwater R70.
We are awaiting the final stainless work, upholstery and inspection for a cat B rating.
We have seven in build. Many thanks to Guy Whitehouse designs for their help with the project.

(4th September 2021)

If you’re interested to see more videos of this brand, just click on the link.

So proud to share that Ullman Dynamics is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

This video was published on the Shearwater RIBs YouTube channel.


Preventing Fatigue: World Leading Ullman Seats

Preventing is the Focus

Traveling on high-speed boats can be physically draining due to the considerable energy expended, leading to fatigue and a decline in physical capabilities.

Ullman suspension seats offer a noteworthy reduction in energy consumption compared to fixed seating, a factor that plays a crucial role in mitigating exhaustion.

World Leading Ullman Seats Preventing Fatigue @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
Ullman seats preventing fatigue

Military personnel experience a significant decrease in running performance after high-speed transit when utilizing fixed seats.

In contrast, the use of Ullman Jockey Seats results in a 30.5% improvement in post-transit physical performance and endurance compared to fixed seats.

Beyond mitigating the risk of injury, Ullman Seats contribute to enhancing the operational performance of both boat crew and passengers.

This becomes particularly critical in situations where operators are tasked with military or lifesaving activities, as the distinction between being fatigued and alert could determine life or death.

You can find more examples of Ullman’s seats here on

So proud to share that Ullman Dynamics is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

This video was published on the Ullman Seats YouTube channel.

RIBCRAFT 6.8 PRO Rescue RIB for Germany

Rescue RIB for Water Rescue Bayern

The RIBCRAFT 6.8 PRO was specifically crafted to meet the precise requirements of Search and Rescue Operations in Germany.

Designed to facilitate a swift response with its trailer-friendly construction, the boat is equipped with a T-top, a customized rescue layout, high-quality safety gear, and seamless integration for a spine board—ideal for handling the most challenging missions.

You can enjoy more RIBCRAFT videos here on

This video was published on the RIBCRAFT YouTube channel

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NARWHAL SP900 EFCA Rigid Inflatable Boat

Jet Propelled NARWHAL SP900

The Spain based NARWHALcompany builds RIBs for professionals, recreation, SOLAS and special series, really worth looking at.

The wide hull design of these RIB models allow to install fuel tanks with a high capacity, which are seamlessly integrated into the deck.

This provides a high degree of navigation autonomy.

NARWHAL SP900 EFCA @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

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This video was published on the Narwhal Boats OFFICIAL YouTube channel

Specs Comparison


Black Diamond’s New OCM RIB Police Enforcement

Black Diamond Police Patrol 6.5 m RIB

The video showcases the all-black well-equipped high-speed patrol RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) by the Black Diamond Police Department as it safeguards the waters of Washington state.

With its aluminium 6.5 meter length it really looks bigger. The outboard engine guard and the massive T-top certainly contribute to it.

Black Diamond's OCM RIB- Police Enforcement @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Black Diamond’s RIB massive engine guard

The Ullman® BISCAYA® shock mitigated Jockey-style Straddle-Seats add up to the professional lay-out.

All boats come with European CE approval, NMMA and ABYC. They also have approvals from different maritime authorities including USCG Sub-Chapter T, and SOLAS.

Check out more models here on Look all you can carry

Their factory and corporate Headquarters are located in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Ocean Craft Marine is a privately held company.

This video was published on the Ocean Craft Marine YouTube channel.

So proud to share that Ullman Dynamics is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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