BIBOA RIB Race 10 – 16 June 1990 – improved quality in 4K

The British Inflatable Boat Owners Association (BIBOA) is/was(?) the UK RIB club for those who like to cruise and socialise in Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs).

The Association was formed in 1990 following the first Round Scotland cruise/race and is recognised by both the RYA and the UIM as the UK National Authority for Rigid Inflatable Boats.

This video shows many fantastic looking RIBs. It really is a must see RIB video. The race was called “Highlands and Islands RIB Race” held from 10 to 16 June 1990.

I improved the video image quality and upscaled it to 4K. To enjoy it to the fullest, change the settings in the YouTube video to 4K: click settings then quality then 2160p (= 4K).

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