How to Make Safe S and U Turns in a RIB

Boating instructor Jon Mendez explains how it’s done.

Driving a fast boat safely will always involve making turns, either pre-planned ones to reach your destination or when avoiding other craft, debris or waves.

Practising turning the boat at speed so that you know how much helm, throttle and trim to use before it starts to skip sideways is crucial to avoid endangering yourself, your crew and your vessel.

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Northstar Orion 8 RIB Walkthrough – Nautical Ventures

The Northstar Orion 8 is a luxury cruising tender with a maximum engine rating of 350 HP.

This class B, offshore RIB is ideal for use as a yacht tender or as a dayboat. The Evo-2 Stepped Hull design delivers stability, strength, and high-speed performance.

Carrying on the NorthStar tradition of attractive but minimalist designs, the Orion 8 will set the new benchmark in mid range cruising RIBs.

Loaded with impressive standard features, the Orion 8 includes:

  • Silvertex marine upholstery
  • large storage compartments
  • acrylic glove box with USB charging socket
  • twin flip-up seats
  • Hypalon tubes
  • hydraulic steering system
  • electrical plant with navigation lights and basic lighting
  • and much more …
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