Rafnar 1100 Leisure Version Walkthrough

Rafnar (more videos here) is a well-known Icelandic brand that aims at the B2B market and has now a second leisure version.

Rafnar’s main competitive advantage is the ÖK hull that has a sort of keel which reduces the slamming significant. This video explains it all.

Here’s the bigger brother 1200 in leisure version as well.


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Thunderstorm – Costas Paracos’ Impressive RIB Built

In the RIBs ONLY Facebook group member Costas Paracos, shared in a video the story of his home-built RIB, Thunderstorm.

Building your own RIB is quite a challenge. The images show the different stages.

The vented RIB has a 200 hp Mercury Optimax outboard and reaches speeds in excess of 60 knots. It’s fuel economy is 0.7 – 0.8l/NM at cruise speeds with light load.

Dimensions are: length 6 m, width 2.27 m, weight 650 kg (without engine, battery, equipment, liquids etc).

Congratulations Costas for doing such a great job!

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