Belgian Pneumaticlub Impressive Round Channel RIB Cruise 2017

A fascinating channel trip by the Belgian Pneumaticlub. Check out Gilles’ big smile at 01:46.

The club organizes many raids every year as you can see in these videos.

At 08:38 you get a unique view of the Mont-Saint-Michel, a famous touristic French attraction.

Check out the route they took.

Belgian Pneumaticlub Round Channel Islands RIB Cruise 2017
Belgian Pneumaticlub Round Channel Islands RIB Cruise 2017
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Humber Assault 4.3 m RIB

Even though it’s a small Humber RIB, it looks very impressive! It does credit to its assaultive look and feel.

I’ve published more Humber videos here.


Length (m)4.3
Beam (m)2.0
Tube Diameter (m)0.46
Boat Weight Approx (kg)190
Max Load (kg)635
Max Persons (kg/no)450/6
Max Outboard HP (single/twin)50
Max Engine Weight105
RCD RatingC
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Lübeck to Oslo 2022 RIB Trip 945 Nm – Belgian Pneumaticlub

The Belgian Pneumaticlub does a lot of RIBbing in Belgium and abroad like this video shows. It’s an awesome trip from Lübeck, Germany to Oslo, Norway in a Mercury powered Humber.

You can enjoy more videos of this club on

Lubeck to Oslo 2022 RIB Trip 945 Nm @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Lubeck to Oslo 2022 RIB Trip 945 Nm – Belgian Pneumaticlub
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Belgian Pnematiclub Rotterdam 2021 – Trip in The Netherlands

BPC stands for “Belgian Pneumatic Club” and is a very active group of RIB passionates with a family character

Their Facebook group is managed by Gilles Van Haelst and Olivier Humbeeck.

Each year, the Club draws up a calendar of outings designed to meet everyone’s expectations: sea or inland waterways, day trips or several days, in Belgium or abroad.

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Saving a Whale From Drowning from a RIB

One year ago a Humpback whale was saved from drowning after being entangled in a fishing net.

The Humpback was spotted in a whale watching tour from Dalvik in North Iceland. Rescue mission was planned on the way back as Freyr Antonsson owner of Arctic Sea Tours whale watching and four members of the Rescue team in Dalvik hurried to the scene.

After monitoring the situation they began cutting and working towards freeing this giant whale. “We had been out in a whale watching tour in the morning and it was very clear to us straight away that something was wrong.

The Humpback was always in the same place, not diving, not lying still, always agitated, when we came closer we saw a buoyancy and the net was visible around the fluke, across the body and inside the mouth” says Freyr.

With a guidance from the members of Emergency Response Team on whales in danger in Iceland, the team began freeing the Humpback. Slowly they got closer and closer getting a grip of the net and step by step cutting one meter away.

“The 10 years experience of working in the whale watching helped me and the team. We were on a 7 meters boat but the whale was 13 meters, so easily the whale could have capsized us. But as we got closer you could feel that the whale was calm and as work progressed it was clear to us that the whale was helping by turning when needed and in these moments you could feel the connection.

All the time as we were almost on top of this gentle giant, just once the whale touched the boat. As seen in the video the whale was very careful when raising its head or fluke around us” says Freyr.

The Humpback whale was spotted at 10:30 in the morning and then it was free from entanglement at 14:30. Great team effort and still it gives warmth in the heart to being able to save one of our dearest Humpback whale.

Special thanks and warm regards to the brave rescue team members Kristján Guðmundsson, Arinbjörn Ingi Guðmundsson, Sólrún Anna Óskarsdóttir and Haukur Arnar Gunnarsson.

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