Coming Alongside a Pontoon Ferry Gliding Technique

What is Ferry Gliding

Docking alongside a pontoon in wind or tidal flow is easy with this technique.

Control speed and direction by gently using the throttle to ‘crab’ your powerboat for a smooth arrival.

In this video, they demonstrate this technique in 35 knots of wind, making it a less stressful approach compared to other methods in such conditions. Location: Pool Harbour

You’ll find a lot of how-to videos here.

This video was published on the Watersports Training YouTube Channel


BPC Nieuwpoort Dieppe Étretat 2023 in Three Days

Nieuwpoort Dieppe Étretat Round Trip

The Belgian Pneumaitclub is mainly about the pleasure of being on the water with friends, of participating and learning to organize navigations that we would not undertake alone.

Without forgetting the additional safety potential offered by navigation in a “flotilla”.You’ll find more videos and free magazines in our shop here on

This adventure had a round trip of 330 nautical miles, covered in three days.

BPC Nieuwpoort Dieppe Étretat 2023 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
French coastline

The video was published on the BelgianPneumaticlub YouTube channel.

RIBs ONLY is member of the club.

Nieuwpoort to Lowestoft Wonderful RIB Adventure

Nieuwpoort to Lowestoft

Departing from the well-known Belgian Port Nieuwpoort to Lowestoft (UK) members of the Belgian Pneumaticlub went on an adventure.

The weather was fine and they were well equipped with safety at the forefront.

From Lowestoft they headed south to Ipswich passing Felixstowe and went up to Pin Mill.

All happy faces!

About BPC

The Belgian Pneumaticlub has a familial character. They organise many trips in Belgium and abroad. You can watch some of their videos here. They also have a Facebook group.

She is located in Chaussée de Vilvorde, 172, B-1120 Bruxelles, Belgique.

In our shop, you can download some of their very informative magazines and annual plans for free, giving you a good idea of the club and its activities.

Impressive BIBOA RIBs Video – 2003 to 2010 in 4K

Upgraded BIBOA RIBs Video

For an optimal viewing experience, adjust the YouTube video settings to 4K: navigate to “Settings,” then select “Quality” and choose 2160p (4K).

The original footage had room for improvement, and efforts have been made to enhance its quality as good as possible.

This video showcases numerous Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) for enthusiasts to appreciate, spanning the years between 2003 and 2010.

The original music on this video made YouTube state that “this video contains copyrighted material. As a result, it has been blocked in some countries and/or regions”.

Here’s another video by BIBOA that got a lot of great comments in our Facebook group.

The British Inflatable Boat Owners Association (BIBOA) is/was(?) the UK RIB club for those who like to cruise and socialise in Rigid Inflatable Boats. The Association was formed in 1990 following the first Round Scotland cruise/race and is recognised by both the RYA and the UIM as the UK National Authority for Rigid Inflatable Boats.

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