Maybe you’re wondering: Who’s behind RIBs ONLY? Well, here it is.

For decades I have been boating from sport sailing boats to RIBs to large motor yachts. In all these experiences, the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) has become a true passion of mine. I like it a lot. Hence the reason I blog about RIBs on RIBsONLY.com. I also created two groups on Facebook: RIBs ONLY and RIBs ONLY Sales.

In the past – when I was a little boy – I often sailed on board a 470 sailing boat with friends.  No competition just for fun. Then came the study time and I had to wait to boat again till the moment I got married.  Soon two daughters completed our family.

After selling our 420 sailing boat – the daughters didn’t like it at all – we had to look for something else. “Something with an engine, daddy”.

Along came the dinghy

We bought a dinghy – a Suzumar – with a 4-hp two-stroke Suzuki outboard. This dinghy fitted deflated perfectly into the trunk of the car as did the outboard. I had a small dismountable beach trailer as well. We were able to transport our Suzumar from the camping site to the sea without problems. During many summers we had a ball!

But our daughters grew up and soon our 3.20 m SIB became too small, especially since we had a Labrador as well. We definitively had to look for something bigger to keep on boating safely.

Time to level up

We decided to buy a RIB. It was an Italian BSC 612 powered by a 140 hp 4-stroke Suzuki outboard engine. We transported all this on a single axle Riba trailer. Now the girls loved the speed and the turns. The wind, the waves … we really had a good time.

About Us @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Our Suzuki powered RIB BSC61 on a Christmas trip with sportbotenforum.nl.
Photo by my good friend Ron Stolp

When the daughters left the parental home to find their own way in life, we were usually two on board. Our favourite playground is Brittany, France. We know our route from Belgium to Arradon by heart. It has become our second home, so to speak.

About Us @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
My lovely wife and me on our RIB in Brittany, France


Over the years I have also been sailing motorboats and RIBs for a while. I am a nautical journalist and photographer (Medianaut). That is how I got to know a lot of different boats that each had their own characteristics.

Photographing has been in my blood from an early age thanks to my father and grandfather. I specialized in photographing boats in action and especially powerboats. Building some sites dedicated to my passions was the logical next step. If you like, check out my work at medianaut.be.

So there’s my story.