High Speed Boat Operations (HSBO) 2021 Recap

Setup of HSBO

This biennially event, HSBO, offers a mixture of theory and practice, with world-class presentations, social networking events and boat trials of up to 35 of the best boats built, at full speed at sea, as well as literate discussions relating to all aspects of boat operations.

Sharing of practical experiences and demonstrations of various new equipment and routines are key elements of HSBO Forum.

Delegates include leaders of many professional agencies operating high-speed boats around the world, procurement & acquisitions officials, boat operators, naval architects, engineers, scientists, and boat builders.

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Skywatch® BL400

Skywatch® BL400 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

I’ve been using this Skywatch® BL 400 weather station for some time now and it does a great job. This high tech Swiss device is connected to my iPhone through Bluetooth® technology. It’s handy, light weight, small enough to take along on my tests and can be screwed onto a tripod or a monopod. It’s delivered in a nice aluminium box. It is meant for mountaineers, para gliders, sport fisher men, hikers, sailors … and RIB testers ;-).

There are three versions: yellow, green and blue. The green version in the photo is my personal weather station that measures windspeed, temperature, humidity and pressure. Compared to the official weather reports, it’s quite accurate. Swiss made so I didn’t expect anything else. Besides measuring, you can also see this as a device to keep your activities safe.

See how it works below.


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