What Engine Maintenance Tips Apply to RIBs?

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What Engine Maintenance Tips Apply to RIBs?

Outboard or inboard engines are the lifeblood of any Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), providing the power necessary to propel you through the water with speed and agility.

This blog post covers fossil-fuel engines. Also take not of my 10 safe fuelling tips.

Just like any other mechanical equipment, engines require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity.

Check out my 4 rules for top-notch RIB maintenance.

Whether you’re a seasoned RIB owner or a novice enthusiast, here are 10 essential engine maintenance tips. If you’re not so technical, rely on your dealer. Here are my 10 points to answer “What Engine Maintenance Tips Apply to RIBs?”.


Tiger Marine 950TL Interesting Detailed Walkthrough

The Luxurious Tiger Marine 950TL

The Tiger Marine 950TL presents a host of features that enhance its versatility and comfort.

The company is located in Cairo, Egypt.

Its large aft deck, walk-around fiberglass decks, and spacious cockpit with a convertible U-shaped sofa (see image below) provide ample space for leisure and relaxation.

Besides the electrically convertible dinette, a toilet, sink, and storage compartments are conveniently housed.

The bow area offers a comfortable sundeck for enjoying the scenery.

Anchoring is made easy with the electric anchor windlass.

A bimini top and sun awning provide shade from the sun.

Powered by two Suzuki DF200AP outboard engines, this boat is suitable for various water sports and family outings.

This video was published on the Tiger Marine YouTube channel.

I’ve provided some more videos of this brand amongst others there is a factory tour video.



Genova 2023: Suzuki Outboard Line-up


Genova 2023 Boat Show as a Platform

This Italian spoken video (mastering subtitles: a quick guide) showcases the new outboard range by the Japanese based Suzuki company.

Suzuki’s 2023-2024 outboard motor lineup unveils exciting additions, starting with the DF 250 Curo, a V6 powerhouse with a sleek Matte Black design.

The new 40 horsepower models, in standard and Ari versions, cater to diverse boating preferences, emphasising low consumption and enhanced torque.


Tornado 7.8 m RIB Sun Cruiser Edition

A Sun Cruiser Edition

Meet the Tornado 7.8m RIB Sun Cruiser in this video—a blend of leisure and style.

Despite the less-than-ideal video quality, it effectively conveys the essence, much like these other videos do.

The Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) features a sun deck, extended bench seat, fridge, and hi-fi system for the ultimate relaxation on the water.

About Tornado

Tornado Boats, a pioneering brand with over 40 years of product innovation, stands as a global leader in rigid hull inflatable boats (RIB/RHIB).

Their diverse range, from small tenders to spacious passenger boats, finds application across commercial, government, military, tourism, diving, and private sectors worldwide.

Tornado specializes in crafting exceptionally robust RIBs with unique design features, ensuring durability and confidence in varied conditions—from the Polar Ice in Greenland to the sun-drenched southern hemisphere.

This video was published on the Tornado Boats Channel on YouTube.


RIB FOCCHI 620 Video by e-Ribbing.com


Established in Ravenna in 1979, the inception of “Giampaolo Focchi – Cesistenza Battelli Pneumatici” can be traced back to the vision and dedication of its founder, Giampaolo Focchi, who serves as the driving force and true essence of the company.

The roots of this Italian-based enterprise delve into FOCCHI’s background in engineering, his profound love for the sea and velocity, and the resilient spirit of Romagna.

This resilient spirit is amalgamated with the maritime ambiance of Ravenna and the city’s rich tradition in crafting inflatable boats.


What sets FOCCHI 620 inflatable boat apart from their counterparts in the market are a distinctive array of indispensable features that are both unique and essential.

More videos of this brand I collected on RIBsONLY.com.

This video was published on the e-Ribbing. com YouTube channel.

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