Our Charity Project

Boating for autism is a non-profit organization that wants to fulfill the Horizon project. We recently founded this association (March 2018), especially for our project. Our website is: Through this site people can register to join a trip (for the time being only in Belgium) at sea in a RIB. We are also active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We are all for it!


Autism is incurable. For many families it is daily reality. People with autism are a hugely vulnerable group in our society. Project Horizon wants to provide a fun and unique experience: an unforgettable super day at sea. Read on, the best is yet to come.


Children with autism experience the world in their own way. With our project we want to let as many children as possible enjoy a trip at sea in a Yamaha powered Gemini RIB, transported on a Vanclaes trailer. Well-being is paramount. Of course the parents, brother and sister also come along … for free!

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Vanclaes Disc Brakes Oil Filled Wheel Bearing

Safe and relaxed on the road with this Vanclaes trailer. Especially for the adventurous water sports enthusiast. When it comes to transporting your boat, safety at Vanclaes is paramount. That’s why Vanclaes special disc brakes that support your boat trailer while driving and help to prevent accidents. These disc brakes are resistant to intensive use, wear-resistant and easy to maintain.

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