RIB Airhull Eco 25 Cabin

The RIB AirHull of 7.80 m length with the well-known patented Dimple Hull, now the Cabin version, with a space for 2 + 1 people. The Airhull’s cabin version was a vision of the manufacturer Paul Kalogeropoulos from the very first moment that the first airhull inflatable, the open ECO 25 Sport, began to be produced and presented to the public.

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What the Hull! – Alexandros Stavroulakis

Writing the article ‘How to buy a RIB‘, I mentioned that the hull is the most important part of the RIB. It defines the RIB. So what makes a good hull? I found it of interest to you to hear the experts on this matter. So I contacted a top RIB hull designer to tell us more on this subject.

  1. What makes a great planing hull?
  2. What is the function of the horizontal “ribs” on the hull?
  3. What is the importance of the “dead rise”?
  4. How do you test the hull?
  5. Steps or no steps: what is the main difference?
  6. Foils on a RIB: what is your opinion?
  7. Which hull is your biggest success?
  8. Anything you want to share with our RIBs ONLY members?
Alexandros Stavroulakis

The first architect I contacted was Alexandros Stavroulakis. Alex is a Greek Naval Architect, R&D Director and co-owner of Skipper-BSK, a Greek RIB shipyard. BSK Marine is a company that has years in vessel constructing and her rapid progress creates a remarkable history and makes Skipper boats synonymous to quality and seaworthiness. Designing a Skipper Boat is a new challenge every time. Having studied naval architecture and industrial design and also being working in the boat industry from an early age, he knows each detail and every step of the boat construction from the inside to the outside and has the ability to make a supreme design from inside out.

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