Salpa Soleil 42 at the Cannes Boat Show

Why I’m posting this video is because the vented hull from this Soleil 42 gets also some attention. This is the most important part of any boat.

It’s Adam Younger’s design, a well-know naval architect and member of RIBs ONLY. He has an amazing palmares.

Klik his name below and you get some idea of his work on RIB hulls.

If you’re interested, I’ve published more videos of Salpa RIBs here.

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Rafnar 1100 Leisure Version Walkthrough

Rafnar (more videos here) is a well-known Icelandic brand that aims at the B2B market and has now a second leisure version.

Rafnar’s main competitive advantage is the ÖK hull that has a sort of keel which reduces the slamming significant. This video explains it all.

Here’s the bigger brother 1200 in leisure version as well.


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Sea Water Ghost 320 – RIB Review

Sea Water is an Sardinian based shipyard, Cagliari. They’re offering mostly big RIBs but also a 7 and 8.5 meter Phantom. They are straightforward when it comes to defining their proposition:

“Sea Water means the desire to preserve the authentic RIB that once was. Without superstructures, appendages or other useless and unattractive frills. An uncomplicated outline, with only the essential.”

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White Water Jet RIBs Ribworker 4K

Video featuring the impressive Ocean Dynamics Ribworker Jet RIB, tackling “the Bitches Rocks” off Ramsey Sound, Wales, United Kingdom.

Change the settings in the YouTube video to 4K: settings > quality > 2160p (= 4K) because I’ve blown this video up to 4K and improved the image quality for you to enjoy this video even more.

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Thunderstorm – Costas Paracos’ Impressive RIB Built

In the RIBs ONLY Facebook group member Costas Paracos, shared in a video the story of his home-built RIB, Thunderstorm.

Building your own RIB is quite a challenge. The images show the different stages.

The vented RIB has a 200 hp Mercury Optimax outboard and reaches speeds in excess of 60 knots. It’s fuel economy is 0.7 – 0.8l/NM at cruise speeds with light load.

Dimensions are: length 6 m, width 2.27 m, weight 650 kg (without engine, battery, equipment, liquids etc).

Congratulations Costas for doing such a great job!

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Highfield Boats at Route du Rhum 2022

Truly a jaw-dropping video of tihis fantastic 2022 event. Skippers sail single handed 4,400 NM from Saint-Malo, Bretagne, France, to Pointe-à-Pitre, on the island Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe.

Steve Harrison: “Our Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe story… More than 60 Highfield support RIBs securing the race village and race start.

It was a privilege to be a part of something so special. Massive congratulations to our colleagues Highfield France for their dedication and preparation and to all of our partners, a huge thank you.”

Route du Rhum route @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Route du Rhum route

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Stormway 900 RIB Event – Hvaler

A new brand on RIBs ONLY: Stormway. It’s a special brand, built by Norwegian Custom Marine at Isebakkeveien 103, 1719 Greåker, Norway.

“The 900 RIB Event is a new boat from Stormway, and as in true Stormway spirit, the boat has a completely unique “racing hull” with extreme speed and sea characteristics.

The Event edition has 10 or 12 jockey seats in front of the console and Stormway’s specially designed double driver’s seat in the back for the pilot and copilot.

The aluminum chair has both standing and sitting functions and offers an optimal driving position in all conditions. The boat can also be rigged with jockey seats both in front and behind the console.

We offer several engine options, both single and double mounting, and as one of the few manufacturers of event boats can offer double Mercury 175hp diesel outboards.This is a very economical and reliable alternative to petrol engines. Speed with 2 x 175hp diesel outboards is a whopping 55 knots!”*

*translation by Marten Danielsson


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