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Belgium – 20220123

RIBs ONLY expands its scope

While is well-known for its well-selected RIB videos, Karel Overlaet, founder of RIBs ONLY,  decided to expand that scope by providing now also news articles on RIBs and RIBs related content.

“When I noticed that more and more people applying for a membership in my RIBs ONLY Facebook group wrote that they were interested in buying a RIB configuration, needed more information than just videos it was time to take a step further” explains Karel with a smile.

“This was the main trigger to introduce the publishing of RIB news articles. It gives more depth to the RIBs ONLY DNA people like a lot. No subscription is needed to access so all you need is an internet connection” indicates this Belgian RIB passionate.

There is a lot of knowledge in that Facebook group as well. Various specialists make their knowledge available. Members post their questions, ask for advice, share experiences and find many interesting threads. A member told Karel once: “I needn’t go to boat shows. Thanks to RIBs ONLY I stay well and even better informed”.

Gatekeeper Karel checks every Facebook group application himself and ensures that it remains clean and turns not in a court of law.

With this scope extension RIBs ONLY emphasizes its baseline “Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat”. It makes it more obvious being the RIB information hub on the net.

Companies gained interest in the quality of RIBs ONLY, blog and Facebook group. They saw an opportunity to bring knowledge in their corresponding fields.

Some of them became Friends of RIBs ONLY. Members and visitors really appreciate these companies for their professionality. Every “friend” delivers outstanding performance in their segment. These are the absolute conditions to join that select group. These friends are:

  • Novi marine
  • GEMINI marine
  • Vanclaes Boat Trailers
  • Highfield Boats
  • Ultimate Boats
  • Verschelling Insurance
  • Ullman Dynamics
  • Brugge Marine Center
  • Orca Retail by Pennel & Flipo

Do visit and immerse yourself in the amazing world of the Rigid Inflatable Boat. For more information contact Karel via

About RIBs ONLY is a video blog started by Karel Overlaet in May 2017. He is a nautical journalist and photographer. 

Prior to the blog, RIBs ONLY was a phpBB forum (2009). Despite the effort he had put into it, traffic was too low to continue and it didn’t comply with Karel’s vision. Convinced that the forum was just not user friendly enough to reach more RIB fanatics, he decided to start a blog. 

Soon the daily average views on reached between 350 and 450. He also started a Facebook group of the same name. In a few years that group attained more than 19,600 members and is still growing. It is now by far the largest dedicated RIB Facebook group. A few years later Karel also opened the RIBs ONLY Sales group on Facebook.

Promo video link (English):

RIBs ONLY is a brand of Medianaut, owned by Karel Overlaet.

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