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YouTube Stats

As of December 5, 2023, the RIBs ONLY channel has a tally of 701 subscribers and have published 29 videos so far.

Having 1,000 YouTube subscribers means unlocking the ability to finally create video chapters and thus improving the user experience. But we’re not there yet…

Especially for the most recent video published today.

A Possibility of Making Money?

Monetization prospects for the YouTube channel are extremely limited, commencing only after reaching 1,000 subscribers. I’ll explain below why I won’t be able to buy a bigger RIB.

This is the formula to know how much a channel can earn on a monthly basis.

Views per month, divided by 1,000 and then multiplied by the RPM (Revenue Per Mille).

If the channel has 1,000 subscribers ánd yearly 4,000 views that’s when you count. In 2023 the channel got 4,724 views so far. The conditions are met so we’re good.

But … this year (2023 so far) the average is 393 monthly views. With an assumed RPM of €2 the formula returns € 0.78 earnings per month.

The yearly income based on november (before taxes) is € 9.43 which is the equivalent to the cost of 1 pancake where I reside.


As previously mentioned, the primary focus is on enhancing the overall visitor experience.

So a big thank you should you click on this link to subscribe.

OCM 300 Bonaire 9-Meter Amphibious Boat

OCM Stands for Ocean Marine Craft

Founded in 2011, Maryland-based Ocean Craft Marine is a privately held company which manufactures and markets Rigid Inflatable Boats for military, professional and recreational users around the world.

This 300 Bonaire is a fine example of what OCM can create. They offer more Rigid Inflatable Boats as showcased on their website.

Here on I collected more videos of this brand.

This video was published on the Ocean Craft Marine YouTube channel.



Uplifting Dealers Meeting Highfield USA 2023

Gathering of USA Highfield Dealers

This September Highfield USA had their meeting in Cadillac, Michigan.

The event also gave the perfect opportunity for the official grand opening of the North American rigging centre.

RIBs ONLY Wishes the team every success.

Highfield organized a European meeting in Norway. In this video you can get a glimps of the ambiance.

Proud to share that Highfield is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.


GALAXY Professional RIBs Presentation Video

Galaxy RIBs are Produced by GALA

These series of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are renowned for its innovative design, combining performance and durability.

These boats feature a deep V-shaped fiberglass hull for stability and smooth navigation.

GALAXY RIBs are crafted with precision, offering a versatile and reliable option for boating enthusiasts seeking quality and cutting-edge technology on the water.

More videos of RIBs from the GALA brand are here for you to enjoy.

This video was published on the GALA INFLATABLE BOATS YouTube channel.

Coming Alongside a Pontoon Ferry Gliding Technique

What is Ferry Gliding

Docking alongside a pontoon in wind or tidal flow is easy with this technique.

Control speed and direction by gently using the throttle to ‘crab’ your powerboat for a smooth arrival.

In this video, they demonstrate this technique in 35 knots of wind, making it a less stressful approach compared to other methods in such conditions. Location: Pool Harbour

You’ll find a lot of how-to videos here.

This video was published on the Watersports Training YouTube Channel

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