Italian Class New Joker Boat Clubman 32

Showcasing the New Joker Boat

This video is a detailed walkthrough and test off the Spanish coast.

In the diverse boating community, preferences are manifold, and the concept of a universally “best RIB” is elusive.

The ideal choice hinges on factors like intended use, navigation destinations, and personal preferences. I wrote two easy to read articles about making the right choice: here and here.

To cater to this diversity, numerous shipyards are expanding their product lines to provide customized solutions.

Joker Boat exemplifies this trend with the launch of its latest offering, the Clubman 32, attuned to the needs and desires of discerning boaters.

This video presents a detailed walkthrough and test off the Spanish coast.

This video was published on the JokerBoat srl YouTube channel.

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The Williams Composites Story

Williams ‘By Design’ – Composites Explained

Mark Colbourne, the concert manager at Williams Jet Tenders, details their manufacturing process.

It begins with CNC cutting and proceeds through various coating stages, infusion, bonding, trimming, and finishing.

Mark Colbourne, composite manager, notes a trend towards darker colors in recent years. This trend poses challenges in finishing but also offers opportunities for innovation.

British Built Williams Jet Tenders prioritizes sustainability by incorporating recycled materials like P cores made from soft drink bottles.

They also explore future resin systems for fully recyclable boats. I hope they succeed.

Ofcourse there is already Danu™ that is being used and is fully recyclable. It is done by Ultimate Boats.

This video was published on the Williams Jet Tenders YouTube channel.

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3 Anvera RIB Models

3 Beautiful Anvera RIB Models

Italian built Anvera Rigid Inflatable Boats feel like you’re on your private island.

At this moment the shipyard builds 4 models: the Anvera 58, 48, 42 and the 42 speedster.

The spaces on board provide that feeling. That’s why the company refers to “yachts” instead of RIBs.

Despite being constructed with carbon, these RIBs are still heavy enough to require transportation by truck on land.

The price range for these exquisitely crafted Italian vessels typically falls within the six to seven-digit range.

This video was published on the Anvera Yacht YouTube channel.

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Passing Waves Training in the Raz de Sein 2024

Passing Waves Training by OLM

OLM Perfectionnement Mer Formée (OLM Perfecting Agitated Sea) specializes in training individuals to navigate RIBs amidst challenging sea conditions, specifically focusing on mastering the art of maneuvering through waves and currents.

The training grounds are situated in the tumultuous waters of Raz de Sein, France, where powerful currents converge, providing an ideal environment for honing maritime skills.

This session’s participant is Rémy, hailing from the Paris region.

The video was published on the OLM Perfectionnement Mer Formée YouTube channel

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Highfield Patrol 460s Finnish Sailing Team

Highfield Patrol 460s are Key

In this video Santiago Lopez, the Finish head coach at Helsingfors Segelklubb (HSK), gives a testimonial as a professional using the Highfield Patrol 460.

Actually, the team relies on two Patrol 460s equipped with Mercury F50 EFI outboard engines.

For him the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) serves as an invaluable asset in preparing the Finnish sailing team for their upcoming international championship endeavours.

Highfield Patrol 460s Finnish Sailing Team @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Close-up kill cord Highfield Patrol 460s Finnish Sailing Team

Among the sailors benefitting from this setup are Iiris Sepponen and Helmi Vauhkonen from HSK, along with Felix Impivaara from HSS.

This video was published on the Highfield Boats YouTube channel and I’ve published many other videos of the Highfield brand here on

Proud to share that Highfield is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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