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This blog is devoted to the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Why RIBs?


I’ve always been fascinated by the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Their form, style, lay-out, toughness, seaworthiness and sportive way of navigating are the unquestionable advantages you’ll rarely find combined in another type of boat.


This type of boat is also known as the 4 x 4 of the sea. Rescue services, military, police, port staff often use RIBs because of their excellent behavior, seaworthiness and solidity. Other RIBs are fitted for pleasure, fishing and racing. A RIB is indeed a very special type of motorboat. Know what to look for when buying a RIB.


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Now what’s a RIB …

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Funky RIB 500 by Paris Giannikos Design

A new five-meter RIB is coming to shake the waters, presenting several innovations in the hull and the deck.

The reason for Funky500, the new RIB with the signature of Paris Giannikos, founder of XTRIM and owner of the new company Paris Giannikos Design, where he and his associates designed and implemented this ambitious project.

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Impetus 36 RIB Italy

The boat built by exploiting the experience generated by men of ancient seafaring traditions transmits desires for unique sensations.

Relaxation, comfort and safety in the excitement of speed, as extreme desires while sailing.

The president Carmine V. Landi, inspired by the noble Italian artisans and their elegant and indisputable style, has thus decided to merge the experiences, the Italian and the American one, and transfer them to the construction of a product whose first line of tubular boats brings the brand of IMPETUS 36.

CVL Nautica Division S.r.l. is a division of the company born in Hollywood in Florida in the USA, which is the daughter of a family with nautical origins and knowledge that developed in coasts dominated by the ocean.

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TWIN Set of Ribeye PRIME NINE41 RIBs – #Followthebuild​ Series Part 4

We are back with a twin set of PRIME NINE41’s for a client.

Destined for Wales and Bermuda, we follow the build right from the inception at moulding stage inside our Unit 3 Composites Facility.

See how we 3D infuse our foam core laminate structure in our hull, deck and stringers and why we are able to provide a lifetime structural warranty.

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New RIB Y36 by Seafighter

The 11-meter Seafighter Y36 was designed and built as an anniversary, premium model on the successful One Cabin.

It offers absolute comfort at sea, excellent performance and stable cruising, enhancing the mood for offshore travel, even in difficult weather conditions!

Available with a complete package of equipment combined with a different and special design with the creativity and quality of construction that characterizes the Seafighter Rib.

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AB RIB Mares 11 VSX

The RIB Mares 11 VSX comes equipped with a convenient removable lateral seat as standard, optimizing person capacity while allowing room for carry-ons, fishing, and scuba diving equipment.

The addition of the portable fuel tank at the bow guarantees the best performance, considering the efficiency in the weight distribution.

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RIB Treasure Hunts On The Solent

This wet ‘n’ wild RIB Racing Treasure Hunt is the perfect activity for thrill and adventure seekers alike.

Using iPads and our smart treasure hunt software, GPS hot spots will unlock as teams approach. With a live score board showing all of the teams scores, this activity is fuelled by competition!

If you choose to undertake this challenge, you’ll be issued with a rib boat, Skipper, maps, charts, clues and tasks to complete

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