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This blog is devoted to the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Why RIBs?


I’ve always been fascinated by the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Their form, style, lay-out, toughness, seaworthiness and sportive way of navigating are the unquestionable advantages you’ll rarely find combined in another type of boat.


This type of boat is also known as the 4 x 4 of the sea. Rescue services, military, police, port staff often use RIBs because of their excellent behavior, seaworthiness and solidity. Other RIBs are fitted for pleasure, fishing and racing. A RIB is indeed a very special type of motorboat. Know what to look for when buying a RIB.

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A Great Story Behind This Photo of Randy’s RIB

From our member: Randy Penney with his Zodiac 650 Rec ProR

“This picture has an interesting story behind it.

It was taken in early summer 2015 just off the coast of Newfoundland. I launched my boat to scout out some bergs that had drifted close to the shore.

I came across a small Zodiac with three people on board. They were taking pictures and one guy was a diver and attempting to get underwater footage of icebergs grounding on the ocean floor.

I approached the boat and chatted briefly. The diver asked if I could take his two passengers aboard so they could take some footage of him around the icebergs. I obliged and when the photographers transferred back to their boat, he offered to take a photo of me in my boat.

We exchanged email addresses and the photo I sent you was the one he took of me. The interesting part is that the diver / photographer was Didier Noirot. A true pioneer in underwater videography. Check out his bio.”

Thank you very much, Randy for this great story behind this photo.

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