LOMAC Granturismo 11.0 RIB – Twin V8 300hp Verados

When in a 10 meter inflatable boat (RIB) you have managed to increase by 30% the capacity of the cabin and the storage spaces while maintaining its open and sporty character, then you can be proud that you achieved your goal.

The reason for the new Lomac Granturismo 11.0, which made its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 while a few days later won the Design Innovation Award 2021 in the category of inflatable boats at the 61st Genoa Boat Show.

This is the reward for the third generation of the Lo Manto family who continue to manage the shipyard today with passion, dedication, vision and enthusiasm, ensuring that production remains focused on design, innovation and aligning with market demand.

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RIB ZEN 39 – Twin 4.6L 300hp Verados

Its single stepped hull delivers high levels of stability in rough seas and a smoother, drier Ride with unmatched manoeuvrability!

Rather than create bubbles, the goal of designing a step into the bottom of a modern deep V powerboat is to reduce wetted surface (and thus reduce friction) by creating a pocket of air under the boat in an area that would normally be wetted surface.

As the boat moves forward the height transition in the hull causes an area of low pressure, behind the step. This creates vertical pressure, which pulls in air through the hullside notches and down along the step.

As the boat moves faster and faster, the pocket of air behind the step becomes linear bigger.

Wetted surface goes down, and speed goes up offering unmatched performance in terms of speed and fuel economy.

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Imagine an innovative RIB. Imagine where the tradition of ZAR hulls and new design philosophies meet, imagine 13 metres of character: visualise Imagine 130. It is a major breakthrough in the world of ZAR Formenti, that will be presented as [an absolute first] at the Genoa 2021 Boat Show, in the C5 exhibition area – Pavilion B ground floor.

With Imagine 130, the company from Motta Visconti (MI), Italy, has entered a new segment in the market, that of registered boats, and it does so in the tradition of its patented, high-performance hulls, combined with a layout that gives it great character while using innovative design.

This is a boat with a sporty yet elegant line that is dynamic and ready for anything, allows for different living solutions from stern to bow: two large cabins, a bathroom with a separate shower, comfortable seating areas and large sun decks, large spaces in the cockpit.

The RIB has been fully built using the infusion technique, which allows for a significant reduction in weight compared to conventional layering, and the T-top is also made in one piece and exclusively from carbon fibres.

The ergonomic dashboard offers ample space for electronic equipment and a full cockpit with three seats, suitable for high-speed navigation.

Behind the seats, there is a large frame designed for appliances, complete with a 130L max capacity refrigerator, kitchen with induction hob and sink.

Under the stern sofas, there is a garage for a 180cm tender that can be supplied with an electric motor, and on a second level below with a separate opening, there is a large storage compartment for the technical area used to position the generator, air conditioning, boiler and various energy supplies and appliances.

Length: 13.00m
Width: 4.57m
Tube diameter: 76cm
Tubular compartments: 8
Total capacity: 18 people (Cat.C.) – 12 (Cat.B)
Min. power 900Hp
Recommended power: 1000/1200Hp
Maximum power: 1300Hp (to be verified during certification)
Certification: Cat. B/C
Petrol tank 1200L (approx.)
Water tank 300L ( approx.)

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