Highfield 800 Sport and Yamaha 300 V6

In this video Tom Montgomery-Swan of Powerboat and RIB takes a look over the Sport model from Highfield.

The 800 on display at the Palma Boat Show 2022 features a Yamaha 300 V6 and a lot of design elements.

Check out this quick boat tour to give you an idea of what the Sport range is all about. Looking for more Highfield videos? You can watch them right now wherever you are.

Proud to share that Highfield is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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Joker Coaster 580 Plus RIB

This JokerBoat RIB has the CE C category. This means that this boat can operate in coastal waters and large bays and lakes with winds to Force 6, up to 27 knots, and significant seas 7 feet high (2 meter waves).

If you want to see more RIBs of this brand in action, then these videos are for you to enjoy.

You can find all specs here.

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7.6 m Aluminium Navy RIB by ASIS

RIBs are versatile as you can read here and here. It’s no wonder professionals choose use a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), like those used by police, the navy, SAR (check this out), customs and maritime staff.

It’s also a great ‘tool’ for heavy duty operations as well.

Nigeria is in the market for a new 7.6 m Aluminum ASIS RIB. This vessel can quickly and efficiently respond to emerging national security threats as they arise.

This RIB has D-tubes installed in favour of more deck space.

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Salpa Soleil 42 vs 33 – What’s Your Favourite Big RIB model

In this very well structured video from Brugge Marine Center, two big Salpa RIBs are being compared namely Soleil 42 and 33.

Nautica Salpa was founded in 1984 and collects the experience that Antonio and Enza Pane have gained for more than thirty years in the pleasure boat sector.

RIB owners claim to have seen an amazing improvement in performance thanks to a new technology that originates from the aviation industry.

Salpa’s excellent seaworthiness, manoeuvrability and performance, combined with its great structural strength, low weight and fuel consumption made it a favourite amongst RIBs.

Proud to share that Brugge Marine Center (BMC) is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

If you have a specific interest, click the time below to jump to it.

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Zodiac Hurricane ZH-940 Yamaha Powered

Considered one of the finest RIBs on the planet, the Zodiac Hurricane range are the only boats used by discerning operators who need ruggedness and reliability.

Zodiac Milpro has more than 20,000 boats in daily use by over 80 military forces across the globe.

RIBs combine rigidity and speed with the security, stability, comfort and light weight qualities of traditional boats.

True “go anywhere” boats, they provide exceptional marine qualities combining a low centre of gravity to a deep V hull and a stabilizing buoyancy tube.

The patented MACH II (Military Air Channeled Hull II) hull design reduces resistance and enhances directional stability for increased speed, fuel economy and safety.

The hull is the most important part of the RIB.

Zodiac Hurricane offers high-speed RIBs since 1982. For more info follow this link.

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Ballistic 12.5 m RIB by Ben Rogerson Yacht Design

Ballistic 12.5 m RIB by Ben Rogerson Yacht Design @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat - Credit: @waterlineagency
Credit: @waterlineagency

I always like to know who the designer is behind the RIB. After all, they make it happen for us by creating a great hull to weather many seas and make sure that you have all you need on and below deck.

The 12.5 m Ballistic RIB is an older realization of Ben Rogerson Yacht Design, but still it’s a great sight to see.

This big Ballistic RIB is designed for maximum adventure to explore the coasts and go on quests with friends and family.

This RIB has 2 cabins, 2 seating areas, an aft sun lounging pad and plenty of power with the twin Yamaha 425 XTO outboards.

More information on this RIB and their design process on the project’s web page. It’s absolutely worth a visit!

More on the specs…

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Novi marine: GEMINI fleet’s Assignment

Novi marine: GEMINI fleet’s Assignment @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Novi marine: GEMINI fleet’s Assignment

What a sight to see!

Arjen Maan: “This is part of the fleet with our very committed crew currently stand-by on cable landfall project in IJmuiden.” Arjen is the owner of the company novi marine in The Netherlands.

He’s active in other projects as well using these outstanding RIBs.

Proud to share that novi marine is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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Novi marine is Calling Out to You

Novi marine is Calling Out to You @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
GEMINI RIBs by novi marine

For various upcoming cable landing projects in Germany, France and the Netherlands, novi marine is urgently looking for experienced RIB skippers and deckhands with previous cable pull-in experience.

Project duration from 3-5 days up to 3 months at fair dayrates and good conditions. STCW requirements are a must.

Will you join our great team with your skills on our modern fleet of 9 meter twin engine RIBs? Send your CV to

Proud to share that novi marine is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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