Ribeye A683 Custom RIB with Yamaha 250 V6

A Custom RIB is Awesome

Personalizing your Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is the epitome of comfort, ensuring every detail aligns with your preferences for an optimal experience, I’d say.

Join Ross from Ribeye Boats on an in-depth exploration of the Ribeye A683 in this engaging video.

The RIB features the brand-new Yamaha 250 V6 outboard, providing cutting-edge propulsion and performance.

Discover the enhancements that redefine their A-Series as the “ultimate family leisure RIB”.

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This video was published on the Ribeye Boats YouTube channel.


NorthStar VEGA 5.8 RIB: Fun Adventures Await

VEGA 5.8 Just Looks Great

The VEGA models up to 4.2 are lightweight tenders with convenient storage and seating on a stable hull.

The Turkish built Northstar 4.8 and larger VEGAs transform into sports/utility RIBs, allowing customization for fishing and water sports.

They offer wide beams, spacious deck storage, and functional seating as standard, with options for features like T-tops.

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The Fun Ballistic Family RIB Experience

Family RIB Experience

A Family RIB experience never lets you go. Ballistic RIBs uses this to strengthen their product focusing on leisure use. Here’s what they say about it.

“Explore a realm of unparalleled aquatic discovery with Ballistic RIBs.

Embark on aquatic escapades like no other, from the nimble LS48 to our standout XP80, our assortment is crafted for individuals desiring indelible escapades amidst the aquatic expanse.

Embrace the excitement, amusement, and shared instants that embody the Ballistic way of life.

Survey our collection and uncover why Ballistic RIBs stands as the supreme preference for family sojourns at sea.”

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The Ballistic Family RIB Experience @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
The family RIB experience

This video was published on the Ballistic RIBs YouTube channel

SEAFIGHTER Shadow 36 – Twin 4.2 L 300 hp Yamahas

Exceptional SEAFIGHTER Shadow 36

Our friends at Greek based E-Ribbing team recently conducted a full-day sea trial on the Shadow 36, and it left them thoroughly impressed.

“This exceptional setup brought smiles to our faces. The Shadow 36 demonstrated remarkable flexibility, precise directionality, and an exceptionally smooth ride.

Notably, this trial marked the debut of the six-cylinder 300hp Yamaha engines on the vessel’s transom, complemented by the ECO Enertia propellers.

This combination delivered outstanding accelerations and impressive traction across the entire rpm spectrum, making it truly enviable.”

SEAFIGHTER Shadow 36 - Twin 4.2 L 300 hp Yamahas @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home

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This video was published on the e-Ribbing. com YouTube channel

The 50-Knot Explorer Ballistic XP80 Sea Trial

Explorer Ballistic XP80 the Ultimate Adventure RIB?

Alex Smith from Motor Boat & Yachting takes a deep dive in the Rigid Inflatable Boat from Ballistic RIBs.

Ballistic Ribs has gained fame for its sea-going boats built to tackle South African waters.

The XP 80 stands out from traditional Ballistic models with its innovative design.

The RIB features a unique transom arrangement with a swim platform and low-level furniture, expanding deck space for leisure use.

It offers a convertible sun pad, spacious dining area, and a hidden berth for two.

The 50-Knot Explorer Ballistic XP80 berth @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
The Explorer Ballistic XP80 berth

The boat’s versatility extends to water sports, fishing, and storage options, including a paddleboard rack.

Powered by a Yamaha F300 engine, it reaches impressive speeds, of 50 knots but fuel efficiency varies with the cruising speed.

As an adventure RIB the model could do with a larger fuel tank. Check out more Ballistic RIB videos here.

This video was published on the Motor Boat & Yachting YouTube channel


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