Nautical Brigade of Dunkirk Advanced Sea Training

The Dunkirk nautical brigade (National Police DDSP59) wanted to improve its technical skills in terms of navigation for its security missions, surveillance in the port of Dunkirk, on the SEVESO sites, intervention in the context of the fight against immigration clandestine, etc.

On the OLM program: reading and analysis of the passage of waves, on-board electronic management, group cohesion and hardening through evolution in an anxiety-provoking environment.

I’ve published another video about this kind of formation.

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Bold 85-95 knots ZULU 33P Nordic Explorer and Ullman Seats

Zulu Marine

“Our experience from building race and military vessels ensures that you are well prepared to challenge the sea and your driving skills to achieve your goals. We believe that the pilot’s fitness should be the limiting factor, not how the vessel is built.”

Team Zulu has an impressive background in composite manufacturing and are at the forefront in building high-performance boats for individuals, racing teams and police/military.

For such usage Ullman seats were chosen. Check out these videos for more Ullman Seats.

Their boats are designed in cooperation with Adam Younger and Petter Martens some of the best designers in the industry and members of RIBs ONLY – and built in Vaxholm, Sweden.

You can find the specs through this link.

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High Speed Boat Operations (HSBO) 2021 Recap

Setup of HSBO

This biennially event, HSBO, offers a mixture of theory and practice, with world-class presentations, social networking events and boat trials of up to 35 of the best boats built, at full speed at sea, as well as literate discussions relating to all aspects of boat operations.

Sharing of practical experiences and demonstrations of various new equipment and routines are key elements of HSBO Forum.

Delegates include leaders of many professional agencies operating high-speed boats around the world, procurement & acquisitions officials, boat operators, naval architects, engineers, scientists, and boat builders.

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GEMINI’s Best Selling RIB: WR880

GEMINI's Best Selling RIB: WR880 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
GEMINI’s Best Selling RIB: WR880 @ RIBs ONLY – Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

The Patrol-, Rescue-, Leisure- or Commercial- … the International best selling model is the @geminimarineboats WR880 according to GEMINI Marine.

“It has proven itself time and time again with our loyal customer base.”

As you can see in the photos, the layout is designed for the special purposes.

Proud to share that novi marine and GEMINI Marine are good Friends of RIBs ONLY.

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M-Class RIB Ultimate Boats – Mission Ready

A promotional video of features from the new M-Class from Ultimate Boats in Clydebank, Scotland.

These RIBs are built using the revolutionary Danu™ instead of the classic GRP. It is invented by Exo Technologies and is 100% recyclable, time after time. Jeroen Wats, founder and CIO, tells all about it in this video.

Proud to share that Ultimate Boats is a Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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M-Class Promotional Video 2022 – Ultimate Boats

Whether it be rapid deployment, troop transport, clandestine operations or rescue missions the Multi-Mission RIB Boat by Ultimate Boats is the next generation of military RIB.

Offering police and military personnel the speed, power and protection necessary for the highest demanding tasks.

Celebrating the future of human-centric experiences and innovative technology, the Multi-Mission is freedom in motion.

Stimulating and safe, with uncompromising quality and a sleek design, Marine Forces can rely heavily on the support of our Moxham hull for incredible hold & stability during any high-speed pursuit.

M-Class Promotional Video 2022 Ultimate Boats Moxham @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
John Moxham designed the new hull for Ultimate Boats

The M-Class patrol RIBs offer exceptional safety and comfort in the roughest conditions. Giving protection no matter what the mission.

Proud to share that Ultimate Boats is a Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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Vanguard TX-10.0 RIB – Gendarmerie Royale

Vanguard TX-10.0 custom built for the Gendarmerie Royale. These 10-metre RIBs are equipped with twin 350 hp outboard engines designed for border control tasks.

Vanguard’s TX offshore series have a deep-V hull designed specifically for open water sailing. The range includes versions from 5.40 to 12 metres LOA.

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Fluid 880 Hybride Patrol RIB

Fluid 880 Hybride Patrol RIB @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Sirocco, Annapolis

It’s a very ‘Fluid situation’ at Sirocco Annapolis. The Baltimore City Police Fluid 780 is in for some routine maintenance and a new Fluid 880 Hybrid Patrol Boat is getting some accessories before it goes to its new home in Maine.

Fluid uses the already proven GEMINI hulls.

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