BOAT TV Ribeye RIB Prime Eight 21 with 500hp – the build 1

“Welcome to the premiere of our brand new #followthebuild series where we will be bringing you a regular update of some spectacular custom builds going on at Ribeye HQ this year.

Follow us as we take you through the technical design, fit-out and manufacturing process right through to the final shakedown tests out on the water. These boats builds are epic, stick with us.”

Click here to see how the hull of a Gemini WR880 RIB is built.

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GALA Atlantis A330Q – Aquahelm RIB

The RIB GALA A330Q is a fantastic dinghy with Aquahelm console, providing exceptional handling and impressive performance – just look at this video test drive.

This 11′ long aluminum hull RIB tender will be the lightest on the market with only 365 lbs total package weight with 20hp motor and gear.

Aquahelm driving position is extremely comfortable with a plenty of leg room and cockpit space.

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6m Ribeye Expedition Tender RIB with WASSP Sonar

On this episode, we captured a recent 6m dual outboard tender project which will be put to work on an expedition sailing yacht.

One of the standout features is the forward-facing WASSP sonar system which will be used when the tender is checking the path is clear in unchartered waters prior to the mothership heading in.

s this tender will be the main tender aboard the sailing yacht it shall be used for an array of other purposes from watersports, the owner taking the helm and general crew services.

This tender is based on reliability, redundancy and versatility.

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