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Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine Numéro 126
Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine
N° 126
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Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine
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Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine
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Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine
N° 121

The Story

After completing several major raids in inflatable boats: Brussels-Antalya, Iceland-Norway and Singapore-Australia, Michel de Hemptinne founded the BELGIAN PNEUMATICLUB (BPC) in 1976 to share his experiences with ‘tyre enthusiasts’ and help them discover the exceptional marine qualities and amazing possibilities offered by this type of boat.

Over the years, the inflatable boat has evolved considerably, while retaining its basic qualities.

Its many possibilities mean that it can be sailed with equal ease on a peaceful canal or on the roughest seas, and is equally suited to adventurous, sporting or family sailing, with a reasonable operating budget compared with other forms of pleasure boating!

In line with the aims of its founder, the BELGIAN PNEUMATICLUB offers a wide range of nautical activities on inland waters and at sea, and continues to promote the versatility of this type of boat, which is becoming increasingly popular with the public.

Our club is also about the pleasure of being on the water with friends, taking part and learning to organise cruises that you wouldn’t undertake on your own.

Not to mention the added safety potential offered by sailing in a ‘flotilla’.

Where they are

Siège Social et Club-House
Chaussée de Vilvorde, 172
B-1120 Bruxelles

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