BPC Nieuwpoort Dieppe Étretat 2023 in Three Days

Nieuwpoort Dieppe Étretat Round Trip

The Belgian Pneumaitclub is mainly about the pleasure of being on the water with friends, of participating and learning to organize navigations that we would not undertake alone.

Without forgetting the additional safety potential offered by navigation in a “flotilla”.You’ll find more videos and free magazines in our shop here on RIBsONLY.com.

This adventure had a round trip of 330 nautical miles, covered in three days.

BPC Nieuwpoort Dieppe Étretat 2023 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
French coastline

The video was published on the BelgianPneumaticlub YouTube channel.

RIBs ONLY is member of the club.

RIB BRIG Eagle 10 Wonderful Delivery Portland Hamble

RIB Brig Eagle 10 Great Trip

The video shows the stunning scenery and the fun of boating along Englands southern shores.

The Rigid Inflatable Boat here is a Brig Eagle 10 of which you can enjoy more videos here on RIBsONLY.com.

They provided a highly experienced and qualified RYA Ocean Yachtmaster as skipper.

It’s a very enjoyable and informative video for anyone interested in RIBbing.

Interested in more BRIG videos? Click here to enjoy!

This video was published on the Halcyon Yachts – International Yacht Delivery YouTube channel.


RIBs Smaller Than 4 Meter 10 Brands with ChatGPT

RIBs Smaller Than 4 Meter 10 Brands with ChatGPT @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Can ChatGPT help with listing up RIBs Smaller Than 4 Meter?

For an article on RIBs smaller than 4 meter worldwide, I thought ChatGPT could be of some assistance. If you’re not familiar with this conversational AI-tool, check out this page.

While the trend in the world of fantastic Rigid Inflatable Boats is leaning towards larger sizes, the “smaller” ones remain necessary, making entry into this world more accessible.

So 4 meter was my parameter number 1.

Will ChatGPT help me to provide a full list of RIBs smaller than 4 meters (great video by the way).

I started with a lot of enthusiasm and ran my query multiple times, adapting it to get the desired result.

I noticed that it was a mix of brands that differed from each other to a lesser extent. So I began to worry about the precision of the ChatGPT neural network even in this stadium.

Only when I pointed out that some information was incorrect did the tool excuse itself and provided more accurate information about RIBs smaller than 4 meter. That was awesome.

So I still had to “correct” the items in the list and added the links myself.

I learned that the formulation of the question must be very clear to get what you want. It’s like working with software developers.

It certainly wasn’t all doom and gloom; I really enjoy(ed) working with ChatGPT, albeit with some nuances in the answers. Privacy, safety, and copyright are certainly things to be aware of!

I really liked being able to have a conversation to delve deeper into the subject matter of RIBs smaller than 4 meter. This concept motivated me to keep going and achieve better results; in contrast to Google, for example.

That said, below is a 10-item list of RIBs smaller than 4 meter of worldwide brands.


Aftermovie Martini Beach Party 2022 BMC

Always in for a Beach Party at BMC

Another angle at this great fleet of RIBs during the party down the river Scheldt! It was organised by Brugge Marine Center, Belgium. Here you’ll find two more videos of their successful beach parties.

Proud to share that Brugge Marine Center (BMC) is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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