Nieuwpoort to Lowestoft Wonderful RIB Adventure

Nieuwpoort to Lowestoft

Departing from the well-known Belgian Port Nieuwpoort to Lowestoft (UK) members of the Belgian Pneumaticlub went on an adventure.

The weather was fine and they were well equipped with safety at the forefront.

From Lowestoft they headed south to Ipswich passing Felixstowe and went up to Pin Mill.

All happy faces!

About BPC

The Belgian Pneumaticlub has a familial character. They organise many trips in Belgium and abroad. You can watch some of their videos here. They also have a Facebook group.

She is located in Chaussée de Vilvorde, 172, B-1120 Bruxelles, Belgique.

In our shop, you can download some of their very informative magazines and annual plans for free, giving you a good idea of the club and its activities.

Hebridean Adventure in RIBs (Scotland)

“An adventure on our XS RIB around the west coast of the island of Lewis. The lagoon is on Great Bernera and yes the sun does always shine ! Some action with the boats, lobster potting and water sports.”

The Hebrides, which is the area of Scotland that lies to the west and north of Scotland’s mainland, has historically been the place where a lot of Scottish Gaelic literature and Gaelic music has originated.


XS Rigid Inflatable Boats: How to Repair a Tube

XS Rigid Inflatable Boats make commercial and ceisure RIBs, with PU (Polyurethane) or tubes.

A lot of people say it is very hard to fix OLD PU boats, this is not true and we show you here that the process and glues used are the same as you use on Hypalon.

The boat we use in the Video is 25 years old. In addition to making new boats we also offer professional repairs and re-tubes of all makes of craft in either PU or Hypalon.

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