Build of Chaterina D Rescue RIB

The Chaterina D Rescue RIB is a Sight to See

Over the upcoming years, the KNRM will retire its Atlantic 75 rescue boats after years of dedicated service, often under demanding conditions.

This inaugural rescue Rigid Inflatable Boat will commence operations this year (2024) under the auspices of KNRM Vlieland.

Following suit, each subsequent step will witness the systematic replacement of all Atlantic 75-class rescue boats with the advanced Chaterina D model.

This Rescue RIB has an aluminium hull and has a wider deck space than the Atlantic 75.

Thank you to the KNRM and all other rescue services for watching our backs.

This video was published on the KNRM YouTube channel.

Build of Atlantic Chaterina D Rescue RIB Crew @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Build of Atlantic Chaterina D Rescue RIB Crew

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