180 RIB Brands on

Just when you thought you’ve seen all RIB brands, look again. There are now 180 RIB brands on and I know there are more. If yours is missing just let me know!

AB, Aegean, AGAMarine, Agapi, Airhull, Airship, AirSolid, Albatro, AlphaBoat, Alunaut, Alunautic, Alusafe, AMF, Anvera, Aquaparx, Aresa, Argos, Armorix, Asis, Astec, Atlantic, Avila, Avon, BAE Systems, Barca Marine, Ballistic, Bayamo, Bear Grylls, Beluga, Bernico, BlackFin, Blue Spirit, Bombard, Boomeranger, Brig, BSC, Bura, BWA, Capelli, Chaser Yachts, Coach RIBs, Cobra, Dahl, Damen, Delta, Dulkan, Essential Marine, Explosion Marine, FabioBuzzi, Faethon, Falcon, Falkor, Fjordstart, Flexboat, FluggaBoats, Focchi, Fontanabros, Fost, Gala, Gemini, Goldfish, Grand, Habbeke, HBI Inflatables, Heaven, Highfield, Humber, Hunton, Hydromax, Hydrosport, Hysucat, Iguana, Impact, Impetus, Infanta, Innovocean, Ivela, Jean Sea, JokerBoat, JP RIBs, Levi RIBs, Linggadjati, Lomac, LTN, M-Ribs, Madera, Magazzu, Mar.CO, Marin, Marlin, Master, Meyer RIB, Miura, Motomarine, Motonautica Vesuviana, Mutiara, Naiad, Narwhal, Nethuns, Norsafe, NorthStar, Novamarine, Nuova Jolly, Ocean Craft Marine, Olympic, Oromarine, Osprey, Otech, Pacific, Palfinger, Parker, Pascoe, Patriot, Piranha, Pirelli, Plefsi, Polaris, ProMarine, Protector, Quinquari, R9 Renier, Rafale, Rafnar, Ranieri, RavenRib, Redbay, Revenger, Revolt, RIB Force, Ribco, Ribcraft, Ribeye, Ribquest, Ridas Yacht, Ring, Roughneck, Rupert, RUSS RIBs, Sacs, Salpa, Say, Scanner, Scorpion, Seafighter, Sealegs, Sealver, Seaquest, Searibs, Seven Marine, SFX, Shearwater, Sillinger, Skipper, Smuggler, Solemar, Sportis, Starmar, Stingher, Superonda, Technohull, Tiger Marine, Tigerwing, Titan Boats, Topline, Tornado, TP Marine, ufast, UFO, Valliant, VSR, Willard, Williams, Whitmarsh, X-craft, XS, Yellowfin, Zar, Zeta, Zodiac, Zumwalt

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Verschelling Assurantiën V.O.F.: a New Friend of RIBs ONLY

Flemish – Dutch

Wat iedere RIBber nodig heeft, is een verzekeraar die weet wat RIBs zijn en wat we ermee kunnen doen. Met veel plezier introduceer ik je een nieuwe ‘Friend of RIBs ONLY’, nl. Verschelling Assurantiën. Graag laat ik het bedrijf zichzelf voorstellen aan jou. Wil je meer weten, contacteer Marc via de coördinaten hieronder. Al de vaaractiviteiten en de RIB van onze vzw Varen voor Autisme gaan verzekerd worden door dit bedrijf.

Wij zijn een tussenpersoon gespecialiseerd in beroeps- en pleziervaartverzekeringen.

Sinds twee jaar zijn we ook sterk gegroeid in het verzekeren van  RHIB’s. Naast particulier gebruik, verzekeren wij ook RHIB’s die gebruikt worden voor onder andere passagiersvaart, offshore en rescue. In de markt van RHIB’s heeft Verschelling inmiddels veel expertise opgebouwd, waardoor we onze klanten optimaal kunnen adviseren over de juiste verzekering en dekkingen.

Vanuit onze Nederlandse vestiging bedienen wij onze klanten in Nederland, België en Duitsland.

Verschelling Assurantiën V.O.F.
KVK 74945920
Openingstijden kantoor: maandag t/m vrijdag van 08.30 uur tot 17.00 uur.
Telefonisch 24/7 bereikbaar.
Tel.: + 31 (0)113 296510
Mobiel: + 31 (0)6 14035176


What every RIBber needs is an insurer who knows what RIBs are and what we can do with them. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you a new ‘Friend of RIBs ONLY’, namely Verschelling Assurantiën. The company presents itself to you. If you want to know more, contact Marc via the coordinates below. All RIBbing activities and the RIB from our npo Boating for Autisme will be insured by this company.

We are an intermediary specialized in professional and pleasure boat insurance.
Since two years we have also grown strongly in insuring RHIBs. In addition to private use, we also insure RHIBs that are used for, among other things, passenger shipping, offshore and rescue. Verschelling has now gained a great deal of expertise in the RHIBs market, so that we can optimally advise our customers about the right insurance and coverage.

From our Dutch location we serve our customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Verschelling Assurantiën V.O.F.
Chamber of Commerce 74945920
Office opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm.
Available by phone 24/7.
Tel .: + 31 (0) 113 296510
Mobile: + 31 (0) 6 14035176

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Over 1000 Well-Selected RIB Videos on

Ever since I started on May 1st 2017 with the new my goal was to find and share great, interesting, fun … RIB videos. The reason is obvious: I love RIBs! For me there only two kind of boats: RIBs and other boats 😉 Now on New Year’s eve, I uploaded the 1001st RIB video. I hope you enjoy all of the RIB videos as much as I do!

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RIBs ONLY Facebook Group Outranks Apple in NPS

On October 22th 2019 I launched a survey in the RIBs ONLY Facebook group. The goal was to get a Net Promoter Score. This tool aims to measure the loyalty that exists between a provider and a consumer. I was very curious to know how you would perceive our group.

Net Promoter Score is a number from -100 from 100. Scores higher than 0 are typically considered to be good and scores above 50 are considered to be excellent.

The question for you was:

Considering your complete experience with our RIBs ONLY Facebook group, how likely would you be to recommend it to a friend or colleague?
(10 is very likely, 0 is very unlikely)

I gathered the data and used an Excel template to calculate the score. The result is not a percentage, nor an average or median. In other words the higher the number the more satisfied the members are.

As Excel did its thing in microseconds, the NPS score turned out to be 82. I was pleasantly surprised because the NPS was beyond my imagination: NPS 82 … wow! Why is this such a fantastic score?

Well, Apple has a NPS of nearly 50 which is considered to be very good. I choose Apple as a benchmark because many of you visit our Facebook group and by iPhone.

An NPS of 82 is very high because a lot of members gave our RIBs ONLY Facebook group a 10 on the question mentioned above. And more … RIBs ONLY has a lot of ambassadors, enthousiastic members that invite friends.

So RIBs ONLY outranks Apple, Microsoft, Google and many more in NPS. What a way to go!

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How to Buy a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)

Would you like to buy a Rib (Rigid Inflatable Boat) but you are not sure how or where to start? This article will get you started by taking you through a number of aspects that should give you attention. I’l give you 10 items to think about.

1 The purpose of purchasing the RIB
2 How frequent are you planning to use the boat?
3 Your navigation area: Know what to expect
4 The planing hull: the most important part of the RIB
5 Your engine
6 The distance you will be covering with the boat

7 Buy a solid trailer
8 Insurance and safety
9 Your budget
10 RIBbing should always be and stay fun

A RIB getting out of the water © Novi Marine
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Order Your RIBs ONLY Badge Now!

How to recognize another RIBs ONLY fan? Simply by wearing this badge. It is a 56 mm collector’s item finished with a brilliant layer on top so it can take some rain or spray. There is a pin version and a magnetic one. And yes, I ship worldwide for only € 2!

How to get one? Check out the shop. Wear it and share your selfie in our Facebook group while stating your RIB and engine brand.

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Another Milestone for RIBs ONLY on Facebook: 3000 Fans!

After just 1.5 years RIBs ONLY has 3000 fans on Facebook. That’s whistle worthy! Many of you got invited by another member which was beyond my expectations. Thank you!

I’m very proud of the RIBs ONLY members. I seldom have to intervene. But our success has also got the attention of Facebook spammers which I have to remove on a daily basis.

But that can not spoil the fun as I see the posts and comments you make. Yes, RIBs ONLY is an important after work part of my days.

I thank you all, as Freddy Mercury used to sing.

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A Price Too Good To Be True

There is so much relevance in this statement on the photo no matter what product or service you buy or sell. When I relate to buying a Rigid Inflatable Boat, outboard engine and boat trailer you want an excellent after sales service, isn’t it. After all there’s a lot of hard-earned money involved. A solid company always takes into account the cost of after sales services.

Patrick Maes from CPI-Commercial Performance Improvement, summarizes it as follows:

Customer service is the new selling. Therefore make sure that your customer ends up in the service experience of your organization as quickly as possible.

This means that a company big or small, has a process, a flow to empower that service. This is an investment in client loyalty.

The ‘value delivery’ is the moment for companies to start up and cross selling. Put your focus on repeat purchasing.

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800 Blog Posts on

On May 1st 2017, went live as you know it today. Since then, 740 well chosen videos and 20 slideshows were posted amongst others. Prior to this blog, RIBs ONLY was just a simple RIB forum started in 2008, 4 years after Facebook went online. Since 2017, I decided to shift a higher gear to promote the Rigid Inflatable Boat.

Many thanks to all of you fans, visitors, ambassadors!

And not to forget the Friends of RIBs ONLY: Novi-Marine, Vanclaes Stainless Steel Trailers, Yahama, Brugge Marine Center, Hydrosport RIBs, and Marine Technics. Please pay their website a visit.

This moment calls for a small celebration and I’ll be cracking a bottle of Cava to toast on it with my wife who’s been enormously supportive along the way.

Long live RIBs ONLY!

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160+ RIB Brands on

An incredible 160+ RIB brands have one or more video’s on And yet there are much more Rigid Inflatable Boat brands and video’s around. I mostly use company video’s and video’s made by news and media agencies. Some exceptions are made though. Anyway, if you think a RIB brand is missing from the list below let me know and I will look for good video’s. You can also provide me with the video link right away 😉

Check the brands here below!

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RIBs ONLY Facebook Group Has 2500 RIB Fanatics

Our RIBs ONLY Facebook group is a fast growing club of RIB fanatics for whom the Rigid Inflatable Boat feels like second nature. All you 2500 enthousiasts enjoy posts about every kind of RIB. From family RIBs to military RIBs, from work RIBs to race RIBs. Small and big to humungous.  It’s also great to see that you invite friends over. A solid indication that you recommend this RIBs ONLY Facebook group. WOT, people!

Glad to have you all on board! 

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600+ RIB Videos on

RIBs ONLY started as a forum back in 2008. On May 1st 2017 I decided to build a blog from scratch connected to the RIBs ONLY Facebook group. With an average of more than 1 video per day I now surpassed 600 videos showing of more than 150 RIB brands.

I mainly look for videos from Rigid Inflatable Boat shipyards and media companies which offer a better continuity. My goal is to provide the RIB fanatics a wealth of information. I hope that I can enthuse the visitors for the RIB.

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Header Photo May 2018

The RIB shown in our header is a Gemini WaveRider 850 powered by a Suzuki 300 hp. Novi Marine is the importer and dealer for Gemini in the Benelux and Europe where there are no dealers. Novi Marine is a friend of RIBs ONLY.

The WR 850 can be seen in use with Rescue, Patrol, Tactical operations, Anti-Terrorism, ship boarding, Military, Commercial charter and thrill ride operations in the majority of our 40+ countries that they export to. More photos below for the true passionate.

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500+ Videos on


RIBs ONLY started as a forum back in 2008. On May 1st 2017 I decided to build a blog from scratch connected to the RIBs ONLY Facebook group. With an average of 50 videos per month I now surpassed the magical number of 500 videos.

I mainly look for videos from Rigid Inflatable Boat shipyards and media companies which offer a better continuity. My goal is to provide the RIB fanatics a wealth of information. I also hope to interest visitors with the RIB through our mutual passion.

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Welcome to RIBs ONLY

RIBs ONLY Welcome

This blog is devoted to the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Why RIBs?


I’ve always been fascinated by the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Their form, style, lay-out, toughness, seaworthiness and sportive way of navigating are the unquestionable advantages you’ll rarely find combined in another type of boat.


This type of boat is also known as the 4 x 4 of the sea. Rescue services, military, police, port staff often use RIBs because of their excellent behavior, seaworthiness and solidity. Other RIBs are fitted for pleasure, fishing and racing. A RIB is indeed a very special type of motorboat. Know what to look for when buying a RIB.


RIBs ONLY has a Facebook group. Become a member of this great RIB community: it’s free and you get to meet great passionates! And if you’re looking to buy, check out our RIBs ONLY Sales Facebook group.

Now what’s a RIB …

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