RAFNAR 40 2×400 Mercs and Ullman Echelon Seats

The Icelandic Rafnar brand

Rafnar boats utilize the ÖK Hull (video), an Icelandic innovative hull and keel design that significantly reduces slamming impact by up to 95%.

This results in a remarkable dynamic stability and sea-keeping capabilities, even in the toughest marine environments (video).

Rafnar boats are engineered for the most challenging conditions at sea with a steadfast commitment to ensuring the highest levels of comfort and safety for passengers and crew.

And in that setting Ullman seats are very essential as well (video).

This video was published on the Ullman Seats YouTube channel.

RAFNAR 40 2x400 Mercs and Ullman Echelon Seats top view @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
top view

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