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What Exactly Is a “Friend of RIBs ONLY”

In the world of boating enthusiasts, the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) holds a special place.

Combining the sturdiness of a rigid hull with the buoyancy of inflatable tubes, RIBs offer unparalleled versatility and performance on the water.

And for those who are passionate about these remarkable vessels, there’s no better place to turn than, a dedicated blog catering exclusively to RIB aficionados.

A Friend of RIBs ONLY comes highly recommended, as I’ll detail below. Their website links are conveniently available via the sidebar for your immediate exploration.

Why Does it Matter

In essence, a Friend of RIBs ONLY is more than just a purveyor of RIBs or resources (like Orca Retail), seatings (like Ullman Dynamics) they’re a trusted partner committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of your boating experience.

Quality You Can Trust

At the heart of the Friends of RIBs ONLY network lies a commitment to quality.

These companies aren’t just selling stuff—they’re curating a selection of top-tier vessels, resources and seatings crafted with precision and care.

From construction materials to engineering prowess, every aspect is scrutinised to ensure that only the finest products make the cut.

Client-Centered Service

But exceptional quality is only part of the equation.

What truly sets a Friend of RIBs ONLY apart is their unwavering dedication to client-centered service.

Whether you’re a seasoned captain or a first-time buyer, these companies prioritise your needs, offering personalised guidance and support every step of the way.

Standing Out in a Sea of Options

In a market flooded with choices, a Friend of RIBs ONLY stand out as beacons of reliability and integrity.

Their commitment to excellence, coupled with a second to none passion, ensures that every interaction is not just a transaction, but a journey toward unparalleled boating bliss.

So, whether you’re in the market for a new RIB, retubing, seatings or simply seeking advice from fellow enthusiasts, look no further than the Friends of RIBs ONLY network.

With their expertise and dedication, they’re ready to elevate your boating experience to new heights.

How to Launch Your RIB From a Trailer by Jon Mendez

Launch Your RIB Without Stress

Looking to make slipway work a hassle-free experience while out on the water?

Boating enthusiast and instructor Jon Mendez shares his comprehensive guide on how to successfully launch your boat from a trailer, taking away the stress associated with this task.

His guide covers all of the essential steps you need to take in order to ensure that your boat is safely launched and ready for your next adventure.


Ballistic XP80 Impresses

All New Ballistic XP80

According to the UK-based Ballistic RIB brand, their new XP80 is a groundbreaking new model .

This 8-metre Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) features a hidden head (toilet) in the centre console, an entertainment area, and a luxurious sun bed at the rear.

The T-top structure is designed to carry some stuff for many activities in the water.

The Ballistic XP80 in this video is powered by a 300 hp Yamaha outboard giving it speeds up to 50 knots.

“We’re thrilled to launch the XP80,” said Ballistic Sales Director, Tom Sanderson.

“This is a truly innovative design that will change the way people think about RIBs. Whether you’re an avid adventurer, a commercial operator, or just looking for a fun and comfortable way to explore the water, the XP80 has something for everyone.”

If you’re interested to see more well-selected videos of Ballistic RBs, just click here.

Ballistic XP80 launch @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Ballistic XP80 launch

This video was published in the Ballistic RIBs YouTube channel.

Proud to share that Vanclaes Trailers is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.



Vanclaes Trailers News: Independent Wheel Suspension

Vanclaes trailers has been around for over 10 years and has become one of the leading manufacturer of (boat) trailers.

The company continues to innovate constantly and is presenting a first at Boot Düsseldorf 2023: an independent wheel suspension. They’re the only one in the Netherlands using this system on boat trailers.

In this informative and insightful video, Sybren Kramer goes over Vanclaes’ latest exciting implementation. It is in Dutch but you can use the auto-translater at the lower right in the video screen.

Vanclaes Trailers News Independent Wheel Suspension detail @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
© Watersport-TV

This new system also reduces weight as it no longer requires the traditional axles.

With their impressive loading capacity and robust construction, they prove capable of tackling the task effortlessly.

Finally, this slideshow features the stainless steel Vanclaes trailers, hard at work hauling heavy Rigid Inflatable Boats like amongst others Gemini RIBs.

Proud to share that Vanclaes Trailers is a good Friend of RIBs ONLY.

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