The Making of GEMINI WR880 RIB – A RIBs ONLY Exclusive!


The making of a GEMINI WR880 RIB – A RIBs ONLY Exclusive!

Amongst the many RIB brands, GEMINI is positioned as a commercial RIB. These heavy duty RIBS are built in Cape Town, South Africa, sinds 1979. They’re built to last. So is this RIB GEMINI WR880.

Gemini Marine has been the sole provider to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) of South Africa for rescue craft from 4 meter to 8.5 meter Cabin class operating along the rugged South African coastline since 1984.

Gerhard Neethling, Global Sales & Marketing at GEMINI

RIBs ONLY got an exclusive look behind the scenes how the RIB GEMINI WR880 is built (look here at the finished RIB). Some steps in the process have been omitted for trade secret reasons. This is not strange.

As a nautical journalist, I visited several shipyards. In every company I was not allowed to photograph or write about certain things for the same reason.

Many thanks go to:

  • GEMINI Marine’s Tech Director & Founder Jeff Stephens
  • Gerhard Neethling, Global Sales & Marketing
  • Henning Blaauw, Chief Operations Officer
  • And also to all the other employees for doing such a great job!

RIBs ONLY also wants to thank Arjen Maan, Company Director of novi marine in the Netherlands, importer and distributor of GEMINI RIBs.

After reading this article if you’re interested in buying a RIB that suits your needs, let this article inspire you.

I hope you enjoy this well documented article of how a RIB GEMINI WR880 is built. Here we go!

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Gemini WR880 12+2 Passenger Tourist Event RIB twin Suzuki DF200APX powered

Promo video of a 2018 Gemini WR880 Tourist RIB, used for experience rides and events. This professional RIB operated by novi marine, can safely accomodate up to 12 passengers + 2 crew. It is fitted with a state-of-the-art counter rotating set of Suzuki DF200APX fly-by-wire outboard engines. Video courtesy of BV Nimag, importer of Suzuki for the NL.

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Our Charity Project

Boating for autism is a non-profit organization that wants to fulfill the Horizon project. We recently founded this association (March 2018), especially for our project. Our website is: Through this site people can register to join a trip (for the time being only in Belgium) at sea in a RIB. We are also active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We are all for it!


Autism is incurable. For many families it is daily reality. People with autism are a hugely vulnerable group in our society. Project Horizon wants to provide a fun and unique experience: an unforgettable super day at sea. Read on, the best is yet to come.


Children with autism experience the world in their own way. With our project we want to let as many children as possible enjoy a trip at sea in a Yamaha powered Gemini RIB, transported on a Vanclaes trailer. Well-being is paramount. Of course the parents, brother and sister also come along … for free!

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2018 Vanclaes Trailers and Gemini RIBs – Route du Rhum Slideshow

What a sight to see: a road train of Gemini RIBs on Vanclaes trailers. Look at the details of those stainless steel trailers. Waterproof lights and the Gyro Roller System. Novi Marine provided the impressive Gemini RIBs.

Together they were spotted on the way to and from the departure of the Route du Rhum in France.

All the photos were provided by Novi Marine.


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Header Photo May 2018

The RIB shown in our header is a Gemini WaveRider 850 powered by a Suzuki 300 hp. Novi Marine is the importer and dealer for Gemini in the Benelux and Europe where there are no dealers. Novi Marine is a friend of RIBs ONLY.

The WR 850 can be seen in use with Rescue, Patrol, Tactical operations, Anti-Terrorism, ship boarding, Military, Commercial charter and thrill ride operations in the majority of our 40+ countries that they export to. More photos below for the true passionate.

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