Research At Rafnar – Noise Level

Crew fatigue comes in many forms; with the ÖK Hull, we can eliminate a lot of it en route.

However, our mission for unrivalled seaworthiness means that every little bit counts. That is why we make sure to minimise cabin noise levels in all conditions.

Follow one of our Engineers on a noise level check, in some beautiful February weather.

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How Rafnar Does Research

At the core of Rafnar is the ÖK Hull. Constant and persistent R&D for over a decade has yielded a hull that has proven what is possible in terms of sea-keeping.

Our pursuit of the perfect hull on tis RIB never stops and incremental improvements are added frequently.

Our newest iteration, the ÖK Hull-2021 includes lists that reduce spray and offer even more stability.

Follow Daniel, one of our engineers on a data-gathering ride. Working at Rafnar means putting in a lot of hours but getting to spend them on a Rafnar at sea, is nothing less than extraordinary.

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Rafnar 1100 PRO SAR RIB Tour

Thorsteinn has due to Covid restrictions, not had any guests on board for the last few months. Even though he can’t show you our boats in person, it turns out that his silky voice, charm and experience translate well through video.

So, take a stroll with him through our newest Rafnar 1100 Pro’s, see the ins and outs of this versatile boat whose DNA is as Icelandic as Thorstein’s lunch today. Which was, like every Thursday, blood pudding, mashed potato’s, and rye bread. So even though you won’t be ending this walkthrough with his famous bear hug and schnapps, we hope you enjoy this 4-minute video showcasing SAR-team Ársæls new pride and joy.

Next year, we hope to see you here in Iceland the UK or Greece, so those of you that have not tried a Rafnar can see and feel why a boat moulded by one of the worlds roughest oceans is changing the way we think about hull design.

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The Rafnar ÖK Hull Explained – How it works

The hull is the most important part of the RIB.

Why can Rafnar boats go out to sea whilst others head to shore? Listen to Rafnar Icelands head-boatbuilder and some of the Norths toughest crews explain why Rafnar boats are quickly becoming the preferred choice for serious mariners.

In the video we briefly explain why this unique patented Icelandic solution has pushed the boundaries of hull design and infiltrated a conservative and often stagnated market. See why dedicated SAR-teams love their boats and how it has impacted their often dangerous and extreme work environment.

It is simple really, those who sail know that a crew ultimately has to put its trust in their boat and the ocean rarely offers ideal conditions, so for rough seas where every second counts, you better make it a Rafnar.

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