RIBCRAFT CEO Toby Adams on Australia Podcast

RIBCRAFT CEO Toby Adams Reveals

Toby Adams’ trip to Melbourne was short-lived, but managed to generate a lot of interest when he revealed his ideas for RIBCRAFT’s growth in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Toby elucidates how RIBCRAFT’s worldwide expansion was made possible due to the customer loyalty in each market, contributing to its success.

CEO Toby Adams regularly shares his knowledge about the cutting-edge designs of commercial and recreational RIB vessels to make sure they adhere to industry, environmental and consumer criteria.

Chek out these videos and watch what RIBCRAFT RIBs are all about.

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All New GEMINI WR 720 Amazes – World Premiere

All New GEMINI WR 720 Amazes World Premiere @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
All new GEMINI WR 720 – prototype

GEMINI WR 720 New Kid on the Block

For more than 40 Years Gemini’s RIBs have been the global standard for quality and attention to detail. Their world class hull design provides exceptional performance and reliability in all weather conditions.

And now, after two years of intensive design and investment, we are proud to present, the all-new addition to our fleet: he GEMINI WAVERIDER 720.

This process has taken our design to a new level and has been rigorously tested by various rescue and commercial operators in both single and twin-engine configurations.

Checkout below the first images to go out (1920 px wide!).


Voiles de St Tropez & Highfield France Join Forces

Les Voiles de St Tropez 2023 Highfield France @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Highfield France copyright

Les Voiles de St Tropez 2023

Get ready to behold the breathtaking 25th edition of the acclaimed Les Voiles de St Tropez regatta, taking place from 29th September to 8th October 2023.

Highfield France will be equipping the race management for the Mediterranean Sea with their amazing Sport Range of RIBs from Highfield Boats.

Check out the sport models here in videos on RIBsONLY.com.

HIGHFIELD Boats Debuts Largest RIB to Date – the All New SPORT 900 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The All New Highfield Sport 900

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The All New Osprey Vipermax S28 Double Stepped Hull

Osprey Vipermax S28 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Osprey Vipermax S28 powered by a 300 hp Yamaha

Osprey Vipermax S28 Amazes

Based on the no-nonsense deep V-hulled Rigid Inflatable Boat’s of Osprey we have created a completely new and modern Vessel, namely the Vipermax S28.

This incredible design is built with double stepped-hull technologie which makes it fast, fuel-efficient and super stable in all types of weather. Truly an extraordinary piece of engineering!

The new Osprey Vipermax S28 is an ideal boat for any kind of user. It’s top speed of 57 knots makes it perfect for those looking to experience a thrill, while its design also caters to the needs of laid-back family friendly users.

The S28 RIB is extraordinary, with its well-equipped swimming platforms, integrated ladder and a wet bar which includes a fridge, sink and gas cooker.

Read further below the slides.

The upgraded suspension seating design has been incredibly well-received, offering comfort and convenience at high speeds. Plus, it’s added a nice sporty look to the boat too.

The front deck is a great spot for soaking up the sun, with lots of storage space beneath to keep things tidy. It’s the perfect place for all-day sunbathing!

The Osprey Vipermax S28 has much improved space and storage facilities with the additional addition of a sliding door in the console. This provides ample room for all essential items such as life jackets, ropes, fenders and other legal equipment.

You have the choice to install a toilet system.

The S28 has a plethora of options to choose from and we have taken it up a notch by introducing the new design of bimini system with 4 stainless steel pylons.

Interested in more Osprey videos and news? Sit back, click here and relax.

All photos courtesy of Brugge Marine Center (BMC).

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NorthStar RIBs’ All New Vega Model is Lovable

NorthStar RIBs' All New Vega 5.8 Model Rendering @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

NorthStar RIBs’ All New Vega Model Renderings

Northstar RIB brand new VEGA 5.8 is nearing its prototype stage. According to the company the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) will have lots of fishing features including an option for bow mounting a Minn Kota electric trolling outboard.

Mind that this is a render and the actual product may differ.

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