GEMINI Unveiled Latest Ranges of the New WR720

2023 GEMINI Unveiled Latest Ranges of the New WR720
One of the latest ranges of the new WR720

GEMINI Unveiled Through Press Release

Recently I published the news of the new GEMINI WR720 Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) with the very first official photos. You can find that post here.

And here is the press release of the new versions.

Latest Ranges of the New WR720

New to market and now available through the GEMINI Dealer network, GEMINI has just unveiled their latest Ranges of their newly launched WR720 model.

With various deck layout options, CEO Gerhard Neethling feels that they have hit the sweet spot for various market applications and customer specific options.

Attached are some of these options. One being the EU Leisure Edition with its classical lines and the other the uncompromising Gemini Stealth Adventure range.

The WR720 hull is based on the legendary Gemini WR880 and is built to the same uncompromising strength and quality standard as its larger sibling.

“With over 40+ years of fanatical focus on component strength and build quality has cemented Gemini Marine’s reputation as a top tier RIB builder. The new WR720 has been extensively tested and assessed over the last two years and we can confidently add it to our existing range”, comments Gemini Marine CEO, Gerhard Neethling.

The WR720 production line in Cape Town is now running at 100% capacity with the first boats being shipped to GEMINI Dealers in Australia, France, Thailand and the USA where they will be launched at perspective international boat shows.

“We feel that the 720 is the perfect size RIB that can cater for various applications and is suitable for numerous engine configurations. Not only have we brought this amazing new Hull to market, but we have designed and tooled up numerous add-ons and options for Leisure, Commercial & Professional applications”, Neethling concludes.

Checkout the slideshow below to see the latest ranges of the new WR720.


For more information or to organize a Demo – please contact GEMINI HQ or one of their Authorized Dealers.

Proud to share that GEMINI Marine and novi marine are very good Friends of RIBs ONLY.

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