Contest: Your Best RIB Photo 2023

202309 Contest Your Best RIB Photo @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
RIB Photo Contest

Just go ahead and do it!

Calling all photography enthusiasts!

We warmly invite you to participate in our exciting RIB photo contest.

Don’t fret if you feel your photos may not measure up – we believe that every picture tells a unique story and deserves a chance to shine.

Whether you’re capturing moments with your trusty smartphone or utilizing professional equipment, our contest offers four distinct categories for everyone to enjoy.

So let your creativity soar and join us for a delightful celebration of honest and fun-filled photography.

Interested to share your RIB photo(s)?

We’d love to see them!

>>> Get all the info you need on this page <<<

The Judges

Presenting the international jury tasked with reviewing your RIB Photo(s).

Adam Younger: Naval Architect, UK
András Gerő: Editor in chief of the site and 4 FB groups, he’s member of that team, who has responsibility for the content, Hungary
Anita Berrevoets: Artist, Sculptress in Stone, The Netherlands
Anne Geerts: Strong professional skilled in Branding & Identity, Marketing Strategy, Marketing-communication, Visualisation and Graphic Design, Belgium
Bavo Overlaet-Michiels: Creative-Art director, Photographer, Belgium
Claude Sammut: Co-founder of KCS Photography, recognised as UIM Offshore Photographers of 2022, specialising in powerboating photography, Malta
Dominique Salandre: Journalist, Writer, author of several books for Vagnon including the Rib Boat Guide, USA correspondent for Multihulls World, Youboat – Editor in Chief and works for Yacht & Sea, USA
Eric Wynen: Managing Director-Photographer at Eric Wynen Photography, Belgium
George Polychroniou: Owner of Pelagic Media / Pelagic Expo, Greece
Hias Terner: Maritime Professional, France
Natalie Gripper: Sales and Accounts Associate at Henshaw Inflatables LTD, UK
Norberto Pereira: Co-founder and one of the three administrators at Semi-Rígidos Portugal Ribs Boat and active member of the RibAdventure team, writer with several articles published in the press and nautical magazine, Portugal
Petter Martens: Naval Architect, Norway
Stephane Gamelin: Créatif Publicitaire, Photographe, Gérant de l’agence O2Gam, Antibes, France
Tom Bettle: Maritime Professional, UK
Jury composed by Medianaut – Karel Overlaet, chairman of the jury

RIBs ONLY’s 6th Birthday Quality Time

RIBsONLY birthday 2017 to 2023
RIBs ONLY’s birthday

RIBs ONLY’s Goal

My goal was to spread the fun of RIBbing and informing people about the great world of the Rigid Inflatable Boat.

RIBs ONLY started as a traditional forum ( way back in 2008 using phpBB software.

It took a lot of time to publish and maintain the content including the interaction of the members as well.

The Shift

So in 2017 I decided to shift to a blog and a Facebook group and it works just fine. Glad I upgraded RIBs ONLY’s new platform.

So this late afternoon my wife and I will crack a bottle of fine champagne to celebrate RIBs ONLYs 6th birthday. I hope you all join us in this small celebration.

If you’re interested in the whole story, check out this article.

Fill out the Rigid Inflatable Boat Survey now!

Fill out the Rigid Inflatable Boat Survey now! @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIBs ONLY’s anonymous survey

For my article on how long a Rigid Inflatable Boat lasts, I need your input.

It’s a good way to share knowledge and experiences within the RIB community. I used to do that via Facebook, but that is no longer possible. Besides, it had too many limitations.

In the new way your input is now completely anonymous (versus Facebook). Because of that I don’t store any email addresses nor names.

The poll is for everybody with a Rigid Inflatable Boat and is in English.

Brace yourself and follow this link to the form.

I’ll feed back the results here on when the number of responses required for a statistically valid survey has been reached.

So, please take the poll and help the RIBs ONLY community with your much appreciated responses! Many thanks!

Press Release RIBs ONLY

RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

Press release – for immediate publication


Belgium – 20220123

RIBs ONLY expands its scope

While is well-known for its well-selected RIB videos, Karel Overlaet, founder of RIBs ONLY,  decided to expand that scope by providing now also news articles on RIBs and RIBs related content.

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