RIB Jump Photos by Medianaut Slideshow

Medianaut @ work by Anne Overlaet
Medianaut @ work by Anne Overlaet

This time I dug into my RIB archives to share some photos of RIB races. Some of them were published in magazines, others on the world wide web. Funny to see some removed my signature, spending a lot of time in doing so.

These racers know what they do so these RIB Jump Photos by Medianaut are very real!

The equipment I use is Nikon for more than 35 years now. Why not Canon? My father worked already with Nikkormat and gave me my first Nikon decades ago. From then on, it was Nikon all the way and I started Medianaut (nautical photos and news).

Now my youngest daughter Anne is also engaging into photography. I bought her her first Nikon when I was in the States for a photoshoot of the well-known motorboat brand Regal.

She already proved that she also has the right feeling for photographing fast boats. She shot the photo on the top.

Click on the image below to enlarge or enjoy the relaxing slideshow of 23 well-selected photos.

This slideshow and all its photos by Karel Overlaet – Medianaut is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

2 Thoughts to “RIB Jump Photos by Medianaut Slideshow”

  1. Mikeuitscheveningen

    Very nice pictures karel
    Greetings from Scheveningen

    1. Karel Overlaet, Medianaut

      Thanks for your appreciation, Mike.

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