RIB Zodiac Hurricane™ ZH-1300 Mastering Strong Gale

The Immense ZH-1300

The Zodiac Hurricane™ ZH-1300 MACH II OB Interceptor is the newest and largest platform of the Zodiac Hurricane range and had its world debut in 2017.

Dubbed the Interceptor, the ZH-1300 demo boat shows the nimble manoeuvrability normally associated with smaller craft and addresses the needs of end users in the Military and Patrol boat market for larger platforms, with focus on speed, handling and stability.

This 13-meter platform is propelled by quad Mercury Verado 350 HP outboard engines. The boat is designed around an aluminum hull and deck, and features the MACH 2 stepped-hull design.

Based on proven 9- and 11-meter MACH II hull models, the larger size allows for higher payloads and additional deck space, while providing superior seakeeping and higher speed capability in rough water conditions.

RIB Zodiac Hurricane ZH-1300 Strong Gale @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
The Zodiac Hurricane ZH-1300 riding the gale

The patented hybrid shaped collar features round sections at the bow and D-shape sections in the aft two-thirds, while the Durarib patented foam and air technology design provides exceptional strength and impact resistance. The collar is also equipped with an auto-inflation system and integrated dive door.

You can enjoy more videos of this model by clicking here.

The video was published on the Zodiac Milpro international – Official YouTube channel.

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