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User Experience (UX) Has Always Been Key

And I’m not referring only to websites. It’s all around us in everything that invades our lives and triggers us.

While I’m not an expert in User Experience Design, incorporating this feature could enhance your overall positive experience here.

Consider organising the information by utilising categories beneath the texts, where clicking on a specific category provides a wealth of additional information on the corresponding subject.

So, no longer surf away from a blog post or a page (we have some) because it’s in English or copy paste texts in Google Translate because that can be quite a hassle.

Just click on the new pictogram and in an instance the post or page you’re on is translated into your own language.

It has become that simple now.

However, not every translation is accurate; some contain errors, yet offer a better chance to interpret the content.

Below is a well-known drawing that illustrates the phenomenon of “lost in translation.”

Lost in translation drawing
Lost in translation

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