Advanced Training in Rough Sea

Vincent’s Mind-Blowing Advanced Training

This video highlights Vincent’s autumn course aimed at improving his navigation skills on a rigid inflatable boat in the rough waters of Raz de Sein.

The Rigid Inflatable Boat is a Ribraft equipped with a 200-horsepower engine.

This unique training is organized by “OLM Perfectionnement Mer Formée“.

During this intensive course, participants have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques for high-sea navigation, handling waves and strong currents. Watch this overview of 2022 trainings.

Advanced Training in Rough Sea @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
Advanced Training in Rough Sea

The experienced tutor guides participants throughout this thrilling experience, helping them develop their navigation skills and gain confidence in demanding maritime conditions.

This video was published on the OLM Perfectionnement Mer Formée YouTube channel

2 Thoughts to “Advanced Training in Rough Sea”

  1. Scott Willson

    How can you apply for this rough sea trading course? Is there a link send interest to?
    Thanks Scott

    1. Karel Overlaet, Medianaut

      Hi Scott
      Thank you for your question. The course is held in Brittany, France. Here’s the link to the organizer:
      Kind regards

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