How to Recover a RIB on a Trailer by Jon Mendez

Recover a RIB on a Trailer: Some Tips

The video provides instructions on how to recover a boat onto its trailer by Jon Mendez of Motor Boat & Yachting.

It emphasizes the importance of maintaining slow speed and control during the process.

Jon suggests aligning the boat straight on the trailer for easier recovery.

There are two options for driving the boat onto the trailer: driving it all the way onto the hitch or leaving a meter of distance and using a winch for the final bit.

Tide levels and proper positioning in the water are crucial factors.

Jon mentions the significance of clear hand signals and ensuring the trailer is in the water enough.

How to Recover a RIB on a Trailer by Jon Mendez @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
How to Recover a RIB on a Trailer by Jon Mendez

Then he shows the process of aligning the boat with the trailer and securing it using a winch and straps.

To conclude he discusses post-recovery tasks such as flushing the boat, cleaning the trailer, and checking straps before driving.

This video was published on the Motor Boat & Yachting YouTube channel. Filmed and edited by Richard Langdon (

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Filmed and edited by Richard Langdon (

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