GALA A450L Powered by 60 hp Tohatsu

GALA A450L Where “L” Stands for Deluxe

GALA is an international project, established in 2014 and developed by GALA MARINE INTERNATIONAL Inc., a part of GRAND MARINE GROUP, ON, Ontario, Canada, in cooperation with GELEX GLOBAL GROUP in Ukraine.

GALA builds aluminum-hull Rigid Inflatable Boats and foldable inflatables at a modern facility in Ukraine, distributing them to over 30 countries.

Although I don’t know their current manufacturing location, new models continue to appear at boat shows.

In North America, buyers can contact GMI MARINE DISTRIBUTION in Canada.

Since 2019, GALA has been developing the GALAXY line of Commercial Grade Professional Aluminum hull RIBs for professional applications such as Search and Rescue,

Law enforcement, Military, and Diving. GALA’s European production is a significant strength.

They offer a range of inflatable boats from 2.1 to 8 meters.

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This video was published on the GALA INFLATABLE BOATS YouTube channel.



GALA Viking V650 RIB Showcase

The Presentation of the GALA Viking V650 RIB

The analysis of the GALA Viking v650, as depicted in the provided video, presents its adaptability for diverse maritime roles, including professional, recreational, and military applications such as surveillance and rescue operations.

The emphasis of the reporter lies on its design aimed at enhancing performance through features like extended hull flaps for improved lift and weight distribution.

Constructed from durable Oceanic aluminum, it ensures stability and environmental sustainability due to its recyclable nature.

The examination highlights the practical cockpit layout, offering comfortable seating, ample storage, and a functional piloting station.

Moreover, it discusses the boat’s manoeuvrability, particularly its smooth wave passage and ease of handling, particularly useful for fishing (more Gala videos for you to enjoy).

Additionally, the review notes its commendable speed capabilities, facilitated by a 150 horsepower Mercury engine, surpassing 40 knots, underscoring its reliable performance even in demanding conditions.

This video of this Viking V650 RIB was published on GALA INFLATABLE BOATS YouTube channel.



Atlantis A330Q-AQUAHELM by GALA 2024

The Atlantis A330Q at the Toronto International Boat Show

This boat s a small Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) that can be used as a tender.

It has a patented “GALA TABS” hull design that improves performance and gets the boat on plane easily. These are bottom extensions.

The tubes are equipped with an overpressure valve for protection against overheating and over-inflating.

It is available in other sizes with these GALA tabs.

This video was published in the GALA INFLATABLE BOATS YouTube channel.



New GALA Viking V360 Design 2024

The GALA Viking V360 Looks Great

This V360 was revealed at the 2024 Toronto International Boat Show.

This 2-minute video provides an insightful tour of the innovative Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). It showcasing its sleek features and advanced technology, making it a standout in the marine industry.

This video was published on the GALA INFLATABLE BOATS YouTube channel.

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GALAXY Pro Rigid Inflatable Boat PILOT P6 by GALA

Rigid Inflatable Boat PILOT P6 Stands Out

The GALAXY Professional RIB “PILOT 6” stands out as a top-selling GALA model widely chosen for law enforcement, patrol operations, search and rescue missions, and various other applications.

GALAXY Pro Rigid Inflatable Boat PILOT P6 by GALA @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
Rigid Inflatable Boat PILOT P6 by Gala

This video was published on the GALA INFLATABLE BOATS YouTube channel.


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