BSC 85 RIB Test

This video showcases Giovanni Grasso, accompanied by his team, tests the BSC 85, propelled by twin 150-horsepower Honda engines, off Porto Riposto, close to the Etna vulcano.

BSC 85 RIB Test on Flat Waters

Sea conditions are flat. There are 3 persons on board during the test and the drone view shows 2 and they switched places. Later there’s only 1 person.

The consumption test holds particular significance for me. During test drives, RPM typically evolves per 500.

A small detail, the anchor locker is open.

As you can see in the test results below, the Honda engines seem to have a interesting fuel efficiency.

This video was published on the BSC COLZANI YouTube channel.

I’ve posted more videos of this Italian brand here on

BSC 85 RIB Test Results and Specs

RPMSpeedConsumtion per hour (both engines)
650 RPM2.4 knots1.2 liter
1600 RPM6.5 knots3.6 liter
2250 RPM8 knots6.6 liter
2800 RPM11,4 knots10 liter
3700 RPM19 knots 16,8 liter
4100 RPM22,8 knots22,2 liter
4700 RPM26.5 knots34,8 liter
5400 RPM34 knots45 liters
5900 RPM36.7 knots52.2 liter


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