The Williams Composites Story

Williams ‘By Design’ – Composites Explained

Mark Colbourne, the concert manager at Williams Jet Tenders, details their manufacturing process.

It begins with CNC cutting and proceeds through various coating stages, infusion, bonding, trimming, and finishing.

Mark Colbourne, composite manager, notes a trend towards darker colors in recent years. This trend poses challenges in finishing but also offers opportunities for innovation.

British Built Williams Jet Tenders prioritizes sustainability by incorporating recycled materials like P cores made from soft drink bottles.

They also explore future resin systems for fully recyclable boats. I hope they succeed.

Ofcourse there is already Danu™ that is being used and is fully recyclable. It is done by Ultimate Boats.

This video was published on the Williams Jet Tenders YouTube channel.

I’ve posted more Williams videos to inform you.


Pirelli Tenders X Line Detailed Walkthrough

Presentation of two Pirelli Tenders X Line

In this video Italian based Pirelli Speedboats presents the X350 and X400 tenders. No action footage (yet) but a detailed walkthrough.

The X line series focuses on optimising layout for increased guest capacity and smoother cruising. They’re powered by the well-known 90 hp BRP Rotax inboard.

As said its unique features include pivoting backrests on additional stern seats, ensuring versatility for various activities.

Customisation options allow personalisation to match individual preferences as it the case with many brands.

This video was published on the PIRELLI Speedboats YouTube channel.

You get more information of this brand with these videos.

Specs Both Tenders


Williams Jet Tenders Adrian Newey SportJet Handover

Who is Adrian Newey

He’s the chief technical officer of Formula One’s Red Bull Racing & Red Bull Technology team.

He picked up a Williams SportJet 460 tender to complement his new, 27.4-metre British built Oyster 885 yacht to sail around the world.

The video shows him testing the RIB on the Williams’ 80-metre lake and the shipyard’s visit.

I have released additional videos featuring the Williams Jet Tenders.

This video was published on the Williams Jet Tenders YouTube channel.


Sea Trials Well Explained Williams Jet Tenders

More on Sea Trials

Discover the meticulous process of sea trials at UK based Williams Jet Tenders in the first installment of their “By Design” series.

Join the Development Director, Dan Bloice-Smith, as he shares insights into this crucial step that guarantees the excellence of their boats in real-world conditions.

With an unwavering attention to detail, the team thoroughly evaluates how their boats perform across different sea and loading conditions, ensuring they deliver optimal safety and smooth operation.

Williams Jet Tenders Sea Trials Explained @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
Williams Jet Tenders Sea Trials Explained

From gentle harbor cruises to thrilling full-throttle runs, they subject their boats to various speeds and scenarios, allowing them to uncover the subtle nuances that can make a significant difference in a product’s success.

Check out the impressive factory tour where yearly 1,200 units are being built.

This video was published on the Williams Jet Tenders YouTube channel

Williams Jet Tenders Factory Tour Amazes

Williams Jet Tenders 1,200 Units per Year

Motor Boat & Yachting editor Hugo Andreae takes us on an impressive tour of the Oxfordshire (UK) based Williams Jet Tenders factory to find out how they can produce 1,200 boats per year.

He then takes a test drive of the new flagship Williams EvoJet 70. Want to see more Wiliiams RIBs? They’re just a click away.

Williams Jet Tenders Evojet 70  @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Williams Jet Tenders Evojet 70

No need to say more. Just sit back and enjoy this 30 minute interesting video.

This video was published on the Motor Boat & Yachting YouTube channel.


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