White Water Jet RIBs Ribworker 4K

Video featuring the impressive Ocean Dynamics Ribworker Jet RIB, tackling “the Bitches Rocks” off Ramsey Sound, Wales, United Kingdom.

Change the settings in the YouTube video to 4K: settings > quality > 2160p (= 4K) because I’ve blown this video up to 4K and improved the image quality for you to enjoy this video even more.

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Ribworker Jet Boats Precision Manoeuvring Display

Shaun White, who designed the Ribworkers (and is driving the yellow RIB), was asked to play around and demonstrate what makes these boats so unique: awesomely tough workboats, precision manoeuvring but also fast and fun (see the end bit).

Ribworkers are capable of power-braking or spinning on their axis – slowly for precision manoeuvring even at high revs, faster for jet boat spins for exciting passenger trips.

The first boat, built 37 years ago, is still working as a salvage and rescue vessel.

This video, shot some years ago, shows a display: all water users were warned to keep clear and that they would get wet and both RIB skippers were highly experienced.

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DieselJet 565 – Williams Jet Tender

This Williams 565 dieseljet tender RIB holds nine passengers which can luxuriate in glorious comfort, whether you’re planing nimbly over the waves or slipping gracefully into harbour.

This is the older version just to show what metamorphosis this model has undergone.

This RIB is available with either a 150 hp or 195 hp engine. You will never be short of power.

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DieselJet 445 – Williams Jet Tenders

This Williams dieseljet tender was completely redesigned. The new helm puts you in total control with a centrally mounted Raymarine display.

Large bathing platforms and extra grab handles mean getting on and off is quicker too. What’s more, this RIB has slash-cut tubes, giving it a sleek new look.

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Williams DieselJet 505 SOLAS Testing

I always find these kinds of tests very impressive and well worth watching. This time it’s a Williams RIB that is put to the test.

This video shows numerous tests a RIB must pass in order to be approved.

I have more videos of these kind of tests here on RIBs ONLY. Like this ones from GEMINI, Ribeye and Sportis to name a few.

This one is my absolute favourite. It’s a slam tests from a RIB … that never slams: it’s a Rafnar. Awesome video by our member Tom Bettle.

About these tests

SOLAS has been around for some time. The main objective of the SOLAS Convention is to specify minimum standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships, compatible with their safety.

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Custom SportJet 345 Williams RIB – Walkaround

“Featuring this exclusive Pearlescent colour flip paint job and it’s strongly contrasting upholstery in Hitch Cirulea. We’ve given this tender a special Carbon effect tube and of course, it wouldn’t be a custom tender if it didn’t come complete with bespoke brushed stainless steel.

All in all, these customisations make for a tender that is guaranteed to turn heads at sea.”

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