Sealegs’ Nearly 4 m Tender with Electric Inhub Wheel Motors

The Space Saving Electric Inhub Wheel Motors System

Sealegs has a proven record in transforming boats into amphibious vehicles.

This Sealegs 3.8 m tender combines that technology offering seamless land-to-water transitions with “eco-friendly” electric power, and versatile convenience.

It has a 3 kW battery and electric inhub wheel motors for moving on land with a proven operating system.

It ensures a 45-minute runtime from a 3-hour charge.

This video was published on the Sealegs International YouTube channel.

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Highfield Boats Met Halifax SailGP

Halifax SailGP, Canada

In this short action packed video, you’ll be immersed in the ambiance of the SailGP, mind-blowing sailing races.

At the Rockwool Canada SailGP in Halifax, Highfield provided vital support for another thrilling series of races.

SailGP has 10 teams that compete for the title and the $ 2 million in different countries. I’ve seen footage where they reach speeds over 54 knots.

Grand final takes place in San Francisco on July 13-14 2024.

This video was published on the Highfield Boats YouTube channel.

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Highfield Boats Meet Halifax SailGP RIB @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Highfield Boats Meet Halifax SailGP RIB

Inside ASIS Boats’ Shipyard

Welcome to the ASIS Boats Factory

The video gives us a dynamic insider’s glimpse of the shipyard where they build aluminium Rigid Inflatable Boats.

ASIS are well-known in creating Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) specifically designed for military, government, and professional clients worldwide. It’s B2B (Business to Business) so to speak.

Each boat is built tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients, as many popular brands do also in the leisure market.

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This video was published on the ASIS Boats – Aces of the Sea YouTube channel.


Impressive Technohull GTX Twin Mercury 400 Racing

All New Technohull GTX Walkaround at BMC

This brand of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) has seen numerous hull design evolutions.

Consequently, the hull receives special focus in this video. It is the most important part of a RIB.

This new Technohull GTX, presented at Brugge Marine Center (BMC), boasts a sporty design with advanced hull technology (at 0:18).

It has expanded seating, storage and a small cabin with a sink and toilet offers extra storage or shower space.

Specifications include a length of 10.7 meters, width of 3.15 meters, 580-liter fuel tank, and a maximum speed of 65 knots.

This video was published on the Brugge Marine Center nv YouTube channel.

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Sealegs 12 m Amphibious Cabin RIB

An Impressive Looking Amphibious Cabin RIB

The video showcases the Sealegs 12 m cabin Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) that is equipped with Sealegs’ most advanced commercial-grade amphibious system.

It includes a fully enclosed cabin with the sink in the cockpit and a 500-liter fuel tank, powering up to 1200 horsepower with twin outboard engines for maximum performance.

This 12 m RIB can be customised for both commercial and recreational purposes.

It was created in collaboration with Hall Marine and C4 Design.

This video was published on the Sealegs International YouTube channel.

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