RIB BRIG Fantastic Hankø Pokerrun 2019 Norway

The Hankø Pokerrun Was a Lot of Fun

A poker run is an event where participants navigate a designated course, making stops at checkpoints to draw playing cards.

Similar to motorcycle poker runs, the goal is to assemble the best poker hand by the end of the run.

The route and number of stops can vary, and participants reveal their hands at the conclusion of the run.

These events, popular among motor boat enthusiasts, combine the enjoyment of boating with an element of chance and often serve as social or charity gatherings.

I have gathered additional videos related to poker runs.

This video was posted on the BRIGboat YouTube channel.

RIB BRIG Fantastic Hankø Pokerrun 2019 Norway @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Hankø Pokerrun 2019 Norway

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