The Enigma Powerboat Rocks!

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The Intriguing Enigma Powerboat

Do you know that persistent itchy feeling that won’t go away?

That’s how I felt when I first saw the renderings, images, and later the videos, of this British-built RIB Enigma powerboat.

I was completely overwhelmed. I’ve seen many RIBs in the past and have been impressed by several brands known for their excellent engineering.

The RIB looks slick, fast, and capable. The flagship model at this moment is the Enigma 38 Open Leisure. It’s a CAT B Offshore.

The hull design with a triple ventilated step was created by naval architect Adam Younger and Petter Martens of Beserk Designs also joined the team for delivering a great looking and functional RIB design.

Both are members of the RIBs ONLY community.

How I would love to get my hands on this powerboat.

Now, I finally have a compelling reason to renew my passport (since the UK is no longer in the EU).

It’s a stunning example of pure British craftsmanship, for which I have the utmost respect.

This is not the first post of this brand. You can find more about it here amongst others the specs!

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