This new video of the MAR.CO R-EVOLUTION 26 is a close-up look of the Italian built Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). I’ve posted earlier promo presentations that you can find here.

The video showcases the boat’s design, features, and performance, with a detailed walk-through of its various components such as the center console, seating and sun bathing arrangement, and engine options.

The host highlights the RIB’s versatility, suitability for various activities such as cruising and water sports, and the overall quality of its construction.

Finally the video concludes with a summary of the boat’s key features and a recommendation for anyone interested in purchasing a high-quality RIB.

MAR.CO R-EVOLUTION 26 tops @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The 8 meter long and 3 meter wide MAR.CO R-EVOLUTION 26


A Great R-26 Close-Up

Announced a few days ago, we now get a tour of this 8 meter R-26 RIB from the Italian brand MAR.CO.

MAR.CO introduced the R-EVOLUTION 26 at the 62nd International Boat Show in Genoa.

The 8-meter RIB aims to combine the quality, style, and comfort of a maxi RIB, featuring a single-engine setup, spacious stern platforms, an innovative “pass-through” system, a concealed toilet compartment, and the option for a roll bar or fiberglass t-top.

I must acknowledge that they executed it exceptionally well.

This video was published on the marine costruzioni YouTube channel.

Italian spoken version.




The Impressive R-EVOLUTION

Presenting the MAR.CO R-EVOLUTION 26, an Italian-crafted Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) that draws a distinct line.

Propelled by a formidable 450 hp Mercury Racing outboard, this 8-meter Italian built RIB promises an exhilarating ride, embodying a perfect blend of power, style, and Italian craftsmanship.

A truly commendable job done—expertly executed and deserving of high praise indeed.

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This video was published on the marine costruzioni YouTube channel



Mercury 450R MAR.CO R-EVOLUTION 26

Mercury 450R Powered Italian RIB

The R-26 project is the result of an ambitious yet well-defined goal: to concentrate in an 8-meter inflatable boat the quality, style, and comfort of a maxi rib.

Curious about the outboard? Explore comprehensive information on their website.

Watch the brand-new MAR.CO R-26 at sea for the first time.

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