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“The Enigma powerboat is designed to support pleasure on the water when socially meandering for family relaxation or at high speeds. You can read more about the expert Technology used to achieve this premium craft.” (Debbie Hood, Owner and CEO).

This Portsmouth based company was founded in 2022. This British designed and built high-speed Rigid Inflatable Boat looks already impressive and exudes class as well. No wonder if you know it was designed by renowned naval architect Adam Younger.

Petter Martens of Beserk Designs also joined the team. Earlier I’ve published a comprehensive blog post on this brand here.

For now, they are releasing one model.

Enigma powerboat technology @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The Enigma powerboat technology



Cool Colour Schemes for Cobra Nautique 8.2m RIB

The Cobra Nautique 8.2m Colour Schemes @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Different schemes

Different colours are offered now by a lot of RIB brands. This one depicts the possibilities of the Cobra Nautique 8.2 m Rigid Inflatable Boat, a well-known British brand.

In 1988 the brand started as a family-owned and operated business and has been independent ever since.

When it comes to variations, Penel en Flipo are the Orca makers and suppliers, located in Belgium, Europe. I wrote an article about their product here.

Penel & Flipo Orca Retail colours @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Penel & Flipo Orca® Retail colours

Proud to share that Orca® Retail is a Friend of RIBs ONLY.

Zulu 33P RIB Vacuum Injection Process

The Vacuum Infusion Process involves applying vacuum pressure to laminate materials. The process starts with a dry material being laid into the mold where vacuum is then applied before liquid resin is poured in.

Vacuums are created using carefully placed tubing that pulls the resin into the laminate.

This process is being used to build the Zulu 33P Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) by the Sweden Zulu Marine.

Their boats are designed in cooperation with Adam Younger and Petter Martens some of the best designers in the industry and both members of RIBs ONLY.

Salpa Soleil 42 at the Cannes Boat Show

Why I’m posting this video is because the vented hull from this Soleil 42 gets also some attention. This is the most important part of any boat.

It’s Adam Younger’s design, a well-know naval architect and member of RIBs ONLY. He has an amazing palmares.

Klik his name below and you get some idea of his work on RIB hulls.

If you’re interested, I’ve published more videos of Salpa RIBs here.

Enigma Powerboats New British RIB Brand

Enigma Powerboats 38 ft RIB @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Enigma Powerboats 38 ft RIB

We received a press release from Enigma Powerboats. It is a new British Powerboat Manufacturer. The renderings show a good-looking RIB. You’ll find the specs below.

The hull design with a triple ventilated step was created by naval architect Adam Younger. We all know then that it’s going to be a fast RIB with excellent behaviour. Petter Martens of Beserk Designs also joined the team for delivering a great RIB design. Both are members of RIBs ONLY.

So for their first RIB it looks very promising indeed.

Enigma launches a 38ft Super-RIB

After an extensive design and build programme, Enigma Powerboats Ltd. has launched its debut vessel, the Enigma 38. The first model has been produced as an open day boat, but the platform has been designed to be modular, with various configurations available.

“With the launch of the Enigma 38. we are moving Rigid Inflatable Boat design to a new level, with a huge focus on style. safety and usability. Inspired by super car aesthetics and quality, we have pushed beyond the boundaries of traditional super-rib design in all areas.

The Enigma 38 utilises an expansive 3.4m beam. allowing a diverse range of applications for a CAT-B offshore powerboat. capable of over 100mph. We are very excited to finally unveil the Enigma 38 and will shortly be commencing sea trial demonstrations.”- Debbie Hood, CEO

Contact Information: Enigma Powerboats Ltd., Debbie Hood, +44 7792 163487, debbie@enigmapowerboats.com, enigmapowerboats.com, Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth PO6 4PX.

All Enigma Powerboats include lifetime Anti Rot Guarantees. Check out more good looking renderings and the specs.

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