RIBbing for Arctic – 1 Unbelievable Trailer!

This trailer is beautifully edited with drone footage, great ambient sounds and atmospheric music. The RIB is a Seafighter powered by two 350 Suzukis.

“It’s not just the many miles we had to cover or the long passes we had to cross.

It’s the extreme temperatures we would encounter, the icebergs we had to navigate between, the thick fog that often covers everything in these latitudes and you can’t even see your bow.

The moving sheets of ice that usually cover a large area, are quickly transported by the wind.

The strong magnetic fields render conventional compasses completely useless since their deviation exceeds 50%.”

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RIBbing for Artic – Crew and Videos

RIBbing for Artic - Crew and Videos @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIBbing for Artic - Crew and Videos @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

I would like to invite you to checkout the videos of the epic expedition: RIBbing for Artic from our Greek friends. Take some time off and be part of the great team lead by Thomas Panagiotopoulos, a friend of RIBs ONLY.

Meet the crew of this breath-taking adventure using a Suzuki powered Seafighter Y36.

The design of the cabin and its deck was perfectly adapted to their needs, offering a high level of ergonomics and functionality.

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RIBbing for Arctic – JOTUN Greensteps

The expedition “RIBbing for Artic” will start in July until August 2022. The purpose of this mission is to raise awareness of climate change. It really is a huge challenge.

It is not Thomas Panagiotopoulos‘ first adventure. He has a lot of RIB driving experience in many conditions. He also managed the trip from Greece to the Azores, a stretch of 3,500 nautical miles.

RIBs ONLY wishes the team a successful expedition and a safe return.

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Sergio Davì Nears The Finish in His Nuova Jolly RIB

In December of 2021, Captain Sergio Davì set out on an impressive 5-month RIB expedition across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and up to Los Angeles, California. He left from Palermo, Italy.

His configuration is a twin Suzuki powered Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC.

During his final stretch up the Mexican Baja and into Ensenada, Mexico, Simrad Yachting caught up with the adventurous Italian to get a glimpse of what life was like on board during this amazing 5-month voyage over 10,000 nautical miles and across two oceans.

Check out his fantastic route below …

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RIBbing For Arctic – Save Our Planet

For the last two years we have been working very hard to make real another feat that is about to take place in the summer of 2022.

It is a truly great journey, most of which will take place within the Arctic Circle. We will navigate on the wake of Vikings and great 18th-century explorers who dedicated their lives to discover the shortest passage to the Pacific Ocean.

In more detail, we will attempt to navigate the North Atlantic Ocean in order to reach the west coast of Greenland and afterwards try to cross the legendary North West Passage.

The Northwest Passage is the sea route, approximately 5,780 kilometers, located north of Canada and Alaska, linking the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean.

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