Extreme RIBs by Digital Vision Production in 4K

Richard Barker, director of Digital Vision Production who created this video of extreem RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) with help from RIB International, sadly passed away in 2021.

I post this video as a tribute to his work.

Many thanks to: Alan Priddy, Shaun White, Helena Darvelid, Birkir Agnarsson, Brian Elliott, Andrew Barker, Mark Featherstone

Music: Trackline Music Services (The UK’s Premier Library of Copyright-Free Music), YOPO Music (Royalty Free Production Music and FX), Mad Hat Music, NVM

No there are more companies that have the Digital Vision Production name.

Extreme RIBs by Digital Vision Production in 4K @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Extreme RIBs by Richard Barker – his work lives on

White Water Jet RIBs Ribworker 4K

Impressive White Water environment

Video featuring the impressive Ocean Dynamics Ribworker Jet RIB, tackling “the Bitches Rocks” off Ramsey Sound, Wales, United Kingdom.

This video showcases the remarkable Ocean Dynamics Ribworker Jet RIB as it skillfully navigates the challenging waters around “the Bitches Rocks” off Ramsey Sound, Wales, United Kingdom, demonstrating its impressive performance in formidable maritime conditions.

Change the settings in the YouTube video to 4K: settings > quality > 2160p (= 4K) because I’ve blown this video up to 4K and improved the image quality for you to enjoy this video even more.

This video was published on our YouTube channel.


Ribworker Jet Boats Awesome Precision Manoeuvring

Impressive Ribworker’s show

Shaun White, who designed the Ribworkers (and is driving the yellow RIB), was asked to play around and demonstrate what makes these boats so unique: awesomely tough workboats, precision manoeuvring but also fast and fun (see the end bit).

These RIBs are capable of power-braking or spinning on their axis – slowly for precision manoeuvring even at high revs, faster for jet boat spins for exciting passenger trips.

The first boat, built 37 years ago, is still working as a salvage and rescue vessel.

This video, shot some years ago, shows a display: all water users were warned to keep clear and that they would get wet and both RIB skippers were highly experienced.