Lomac Big Game 600 RIB Focus on Suzuki 140 hp

The #lavalacqua system (Suzuki Micro Plastic Collector) is installed as standard, a filtering device that allows you to clean the water from microplastics while navigating.

The pump in the cooling system of the outboard sucks up and circulates the water it is navigating through. The additional circuit for pumped water includes a filter where it takes on its final form before being discharged.

That filter retains the microplastics, so as to return it clean to the environment.

Way to go Suzuki!

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LOMAC Granturismo 11.0 RIB – Twin V8 300hp Verados

When in a 10 meter inflatable boat (RIB) you have managed to increase by 30% the capacity of the cabin and the storage spaces while maintaining its open and sporty character, then you can be proud that you achieved your goal.

The reason for the new Lomac Granturismo 11.0, which made its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 while a few days later won the Design Innovation Award 2021 in the category of inflatable boats at the 61st Genoa Boat Show.

This is the reward for the third generation of the Lo Manto family who continue to manage the shipyard today with passion, dedication, vision and enthusiasm, ensuring that production remains focused on design, innovation and aligning with market demand.

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Lomac RIBs 60th Anniversary

Lomac Boats is a family business who has been building premium RIBs for 60 years and three generations. Lomac vision is innovating and perfecting their know-how to guarantee the highest levels of performance, comfort, versatility and safety.

Lomac most successful range lines are Adrenalina and Gran Turismo and Lomac is celebrating his 60th birthday with a special edition of the Adrenalina 10.5 and Gran Turismo 10.5. By Maurizio Bulleri. Location: Genoa, Italy

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