RIB Ribco Seafarer 33

Seafarer 33 is filling the gap between the Seafarer 36 and R 28. Our target was to combine the characteristics of those two models.
From the one side the Luxury, comfort and offshore abilities of the Seafarer 36 and from the other the athletic style and flexibility of the R 28.
Produced exclusively with outboard engines can be fitted with a single outboard of 350 Hp to even 2×350 Hp for the enthusiasts of speed.

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The Making of GEMINI WR880 RIB – A RIBs ONLY Exclusive!


The making of a GEMINI WR880 RIB – A RIBs ONLY Exclusive!

Amongst the many RIB brands, GEMINI is positioned as a commercial RIB. These heavy duty RIBS are built in Cape Town, South Africa, sinds 1979. They’re built to last. So is this RIB GEMINI WR880.

Gemini Marine has been the sole provider to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) of South Africa for rescue craft from 4 meter to 8.5 meter Cabin class operating along the rugged South African coastline since 1984.

Gerhard Neethling, Global Sales & Marketing at GEMINI

RIBs ONLY got an exclusive look behind the scenes how the RIB GEMINI WR880 is built (look here at the finished RIB). Some steps in the process have been omitted for trade secret reasons. This is not strange.

As a nautical journalist, I visited several shipyards. In every company I was not allowed to photograph or write about certain things for the same reason.

Many thanks go to:

  • GEMINI Marine’s Tech Director & Founder Jeff Stephens
  • Gerhard Neethling, Global Sales & Marketing
  • Henning Blaauw, Chief Operations Officer
  • And also to all the other employees for doing such a great job!

RIBs ONLY also wants to thank Arjen Maan, Company Director of novi marine in the Netherlands, importer and distributor of GEMINI RIBs.

After reading this article if you’re interested in buying a RIB that suits your needs, let this article inspire you.

I hope you enjoy this well documented article of how a RIB GEMINI WR880 is built. Here we go!

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SRR-1100 OB RIB – Zodiac Milpro Official

Zodiac MilproTM Sea RibTM are built for military use. They are simple, functional, tough, and have been designed to improve maintenance and user comfort.

Their collar is made with Zodiac MilproTM special intercommunication valves. Removable slide-on collar makes maintenance and potential replacement easier and faster.

The RIB features: a molded bow box, wires & hoses under-deck paths and large capacity built-in fuel tanks, deck access hatches, aft transom well to provide convenient storage volumes, self-draining deck, second built-in fuel tanks.

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Versadock Military Applications (RIB)

The VPS VERSADOCK PERFORMANCE – AIR ASSISTED SYSTEM, a military grade air assisted drive on docking system specifically designed as a bespoke robust drive on platform for the armed forces to accommodate large RIBs and high speed motor launches to a maximum weight of 26 tonnes.

VPS Versadock is purposely designed to give rapid docking and disembarking, allowing uncomplicated access to the water and dry docking combined with unlimited access for maintenance to the boat, engines, kit and hardware.

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Milpro Training with the RIB SRA-900 OB – Zodiac Milpro Official

Zodiac MilproTM Sea RIB™ Aluminium are built for demanding professional and military users and designed to be strong and reliable.

SRA-900 boat features “D-shape” collar technology, increasing the useable deck area. It can be fitted as well with a standard round collar. The collar is readily removable to provide easy maintenance.

The SRA-900 aluminium deck integrates deck tracks, allowing rapid re-configuration to suit the mission. It is fully versatile and capable multi-role boat making it operational in all sea conditions.

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Osprey RIB Harbour Festival

Tour Scotland video of the Osprey Rib boat on visit to the harbour festival in Anstruther, East Neuk of Fife. Visit the Isle of May on Osprey.

Landing trips run from the beginning of April through to the end of September, sailing on the Isle of May Rib Osprey from Anstruther will give you 2 to 3 hours to wander around this wonderful island, which has stunning views and wildlife round every corner.

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