AMP by Ocean Craft Marine – Amphibious RIB

The 4WD Ocean Craft Marine Amphibious craft is a boat with wheels designed to travel on both water and land. Get to know more amphibious RIBs here on RIBs ONLY.

In the recreational version the smallest amphibious RIB is the AMP 230 CABO (7.22 m – 23’8″) while the largest is the AMP 320 Chesapeake (9.98 m – 32’9″).

AMP by Ocean Craft Marine - Amphibious RIB @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The he AMP 320 Chesapeake 4 wheel drive amphibious RIB by Ocean Marine Craft

Any Ocean Craft Marine Rigid Inflatable Boat can be manufactured with either a Fiberglass or an Aluminum hull. Read on to know more…

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Ocean Craft Marine Four-Wheel Drive Amphibious RIB

This Ocean Craft Marine hydraulically-controlled 4-wheel drive amphibious vessel is capable of driving over beach terrain at nine miles per hour while reaching high performance speeds of 50 miles per hour plus on the water.

More than just boats with wheels, these RIBs are powered by Ocean Craft Marine’s advanced BAS-100 Amphibious system, comprised of four independently motorized, steerable wheels that offer high stability on land and retract completely in the water, giving you an exceptional overland and on-water performance.

Check out this video as well.

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