Zulu 33P RIB Vacuum Injection Process

The Vacuum Infusion Process involves applying vacuum pressure to laminate materials. The process starts with a dry material being laid into the mold where vacuum is then applied before liquid resin is poured in.

Vacuums are created using carefully placed tubing that pulls the resin into the laminate.

This process is being used to build the Zulu 33P Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) by the Sweden Zulu Marine.

Their boats are designed in cooperation with Adam Younger and Petter Martens some of the best designers in the industry and both members of RIBs ONLY.

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Bold 85-95 knots ZULU 33P Nordic Explorer and Ullman Seats

Zulu Marine

“Our experience from building race and military vessels ensures that you are well prepared to challenge the sea and your driving skills to achieve your goals. We believe that the pilot’s fitness should be the limiting factor, not how the vessel is built.”

Team Zulu has an impressive background in composite manufacturing and are at the forefront in building high-performance boats for individuals, racing teams and police/military.

For such usage Ullman seats were chosen. Check out these videos for more Ullman Seats.

Their boats are designed in cooperation with Adam Younger and Petter Martens some of the best designers in the industry and members of RIBs ONLY – and built in Vaxholm, Sweden.

You can find the specs through this link.

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ZULU 33P Outside Sandhamn, Sweden

The Zulu 3310 is a versatile vessel designed to offer a fast and stable ride in difficult sea states. It is strong with offshore requirements in mind and the appropriate material for that purpose.

Built by the Swedish Zulu Marine AB. Read the impressive specs below!

I’ve posted the announcement earlier here on RIBsONLY.com.

“We’ve been building sea-worthy vessels to challenge your driving skills and provide you with a thrill since the first boats were created.

The experience we’ve gained from constructing vessels for challenging conditions, like races and military missions, is sure to benefit you as you plan your next voyage.

We never want safety concerns or restrictions to get in the way of great driving experiences.”


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Great Quote I Found in our Facebook Group

Great Quote I Found in our Facebook Group @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Zulu Marine RIB

I encountered this incredible quote in our Facebook group in a post about the Swedish RIB-built by Zulu Marine AB. This quote was shared on January 20, 2022:

The designer patted my tube and said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad hulls. Go out there!”

And that designer is none other than the amazing Petter Martens, member of RIBs ONLY! Petter made the conversion to a RIB based on the enormously capable Adam Younger‘s hull design and running surfaces. Adam is also member of RIBs ONLY!

The collaboration between these two very successful designers reached its peak in this impressive ZULU RIB.

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