How To Properly Inflate Your RIB

For our new members that are looking to buy a RIB.

Check out this tips and tricks video, where this American BRIG dealer tells us what the proper way is to inflate a BRIG RIB’s ORCA Hypalon tubes using a standard foot pump.

Ensuring that the pressure in your BRIG’s Hypalon tubes is properly maintained is crucial for the safety and performance of your RIB.

Want to see more BRIG RIBs, here’s what you need.

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How to Dock a Single-Engined RIB – Motor Boat & Yachting

When docking any boat, estimating the wind correctly is an important factor for a “clean” manoeuvre.

Coming alongside in a single-engined boat without a bow thruster can be one of the more difficult skills to master, especially on your own.

Jon Mendez explains all… Don’t forget to check his video on how to drive a RIB in rough water.

Filmed and edited by Richard Langdon (

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How to Make Safe S and U Turns in a RIB

Boating instructor Jon Mendez explains how it’s done.

Driving a fast boat safely will always involve making turns, either pre-planned ones to reach your destination or when avoiding other craft, debris or waves.

Practising turning the boat at speed so that you know how much helm, throttle and trim to use before it starts to skip sideways is crucial to avoid endangering yourself, your crew and your vessel.

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How to Make a RIB Rafnar 1100 SAR Console – Timelapse

Follow the birth of a Rafnar Pro 1100 console from start to finish.

Not just any Rafnar 1100 Professional but one already taking on Iceland’s weather in our vast and unforgiving ocean, crewed by some of our countries toughest people.

A SAR boats console is its mission control, the heart and centre of any operation. Quality, toughness, and ease of use. That is what matters when every second counts.

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How to Maintain your RIB Top-Notch

How to Maintain your RIB Top-Notch @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Take your time to maintain your RIB. It’s worth it.

To keep a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) functioning and looking new for many years, you need to take proper care and maintenance. Perhaps you enjoy frequent RIB rides on saltwater.

With some extra care, you will maintain its performance and quality. How to maintain a RIB top-notch is not that difficult.

When you buy a RIB, part of the after-sale service should incorporate how to care for the boat and ways that can impact its longevity.

It is not a rigorous process that consumes hours of your time. On the contrary, it is about consistent maintenance.

In this article, I will cover 5 main tips to care for your RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat).

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XS RIBs: How to Repair a Tube – Tornado RIB

XS Ribs make Commercial and Leisure RIBs, PU (Polyurethane) or Hypalon tubes are a no cost option when you order a new boat.

A lot of people say it is very hard to fix OLD PU boats, this is not true and we show you here that the process and glues used are the same as you use on Hypalon.

The boat we use in the Video is 25 years old. In addition to making new boats we also offer professional repairs and re-tubes of all makes of craft in either PU or Hypalon.

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